Today I’m going to be sharing with you all the things in my Uni bag as I’m starting Uni soon so I thought it’d be a good post to do!! Last year I wanted to do this post at the start of the year and then at the end to kind of compare but I didn’t get round to it so hopefully that’s what I’ll do this year! As I haven’t started Uni yet, this bag is packed properly and neatly but I’m sure that won’t be the case in a few weeks! Me and my friends have made a pact to put our heads down and go to the library a lot this year, (we make this pact every so often but let’s see how long it lasts this time) so my bag has everything I could possibly need! Leave me comment letting me know what item you ALWAYS carry in your bag!



My bag is from Primark and it’s a standard tote bag, I often change my bags throughout the year but this is the one we’re going with to start the year off! It fits everything I need and it’s quite big so it’s perfect for me. Plus it’s super cheap which is always a bonus. The only annoying thing about this bag is that it’s just one big compartment, there’s no smaller pockets and there’s no zip.


If you’ve read my blogpost on my essentials for uni then you’d know about the things I keep in my bag at all times. So I won’t bore you by going through them all again, instead you can read that blogpost here!


I keep it simple stationery wise, even though I am a huge addict, I tend to just bring the bare minimum with me because I don’t want my bag to get heavy with unnecessary things. I keep my pencil case in my bag, along with my highlighters (I change them up from time to time, I use my different mildliner packs and I’ve recently bought the Stabilo pastel pack), a notebook (I also change that up depending on what lectures/lab I have that day) and my diary! I don’t find there’s a need to take any ring binders or notes or textbooks for my particular course most of the time which is probably fortunate for me as there wouldn’t be any room left in my bag. In my pencil case, I just have pens, pencils, paperclips, bulldog clips and a mini STAPLER – trust me, this is literally a life saver, it’s been so handy.


I keep this super simple too, I don’t want my bag to be full of things I won’t even use so I just take the things I know I will probably use; a compact mirror, lip gloss, body spray and hand cream. I could probably fill my bag up with other items if I tried to but it’s just easier for me if I don’t.  These are the essentials and the only things I reach for in my bag, so there’s no point taking my whole makeup bag with me!



This is a must right, I mean how else will I buy overpriced coffee and food on campus?? I always make sure I have loose change on me in case I need to take the bus or in case I want to purchase something. I do have smaller purses but I love this one too much to not use it so I don’t mind that it’s a bit bigger.



I just keep this in my bag at all times because if I don’t and I’m in a rush, I will most likely forget it and that’s something we can’t have. I have this pretty lanyard instead of my ugly uni one and I really like it. If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know I recently bought a Hufflepuff lanyard and did a poll asking if it was acceptable to use for my Uni ID and since 90% of you said hell yeah, that’s what I’m going to do!



I bought a pretty reusable one this year because I always end up forgetting to take one from home and then I end up buying a new one every other day which is bad. This year, I should remember to take this stunning bottle with me! It’s made out of metal so maybe I can put hot drinks in there too? I’m not sure, I’ll have to trial it out!


These are always in my bag, for obvious reasons. I thought I’d include them in this post since I was being realistic. Another thing I always have is my phone, but I never put that in my bag, it’s always in my hand.


So that’s all from me, follow me for more blogposts like this one. Since I’m starting university in a week, the LAST back to school/uni post will be up next week! I hope you enjoyed reading all my posts, you can find them all here! Feel free to follow me on my social media sites to stay up to date with me!









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