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It’s that time of year where long nights and frosty mornings are abundant and all I want to do is curl up in bed, drinking something warm and watching a good murder mystery video on YouTube. I thought I would share with you my routine for a pamper night which I seem to be having a lot of during this time of year, I hope you enjoy reading!

I start off with my skincare routine which I’ll hopefully be doing a detailed post on soon! I do a longer routine I have as I want to really pamper my skin. During winter, my skin gets super dry and I get really lazy because by the time I get home, it’s dark and I don’t want to do anything, let alone take my makeup off and do my whole skincare routine. This particular night, I cleansed to start off with using my face halo along with a cleanser which was from Bioderma! It was their micellar water which does a great job at removing makeup so it’s my go to! Then I put on a face mask and used a Lush bath bomb in my bath. I chose a sheet mask from my basket of face masks and I used the Lush ‘Cheery Christmas’ bath bomb which is limited edition! I absolutely love how Lush bath bombs look and smell, oh my gosh I wish you could smell how nice the bath bomb was! Not to mention, it looked so nice that I didn’t want to get in! Whilst in the bath, I used a selection of products, such as the Clockface Beauty Foot & Leg Scrub (which I’ll be doing a review on soon so look out for that!), the What’s In It For Me? Body Cleanser which smells amazing!



Once I’m out of the bath, I continued with my skincare, I toned, applied serums, and oils! Then I popped on my fluffy gown, lit a candle, and searched for something to watch. I like having background noise whilst I’m trying to do some work so whilst the show was on, I wrote in my diaries and planned the next couple of days. I wrote out my to-do list for the next day. I absolutely loved AHS Apocalypse so I was just rewatching an episode from that series. I am obsessed with my planner from Hello Day, it’s stunning and it helps me keep on top of things. I also wrote in my Q&A a Day journal and my One Line a Day journal.


Just before getting into bed, I brushed my hair and sprayed some of this Palmers elixir in it. I then I  put on some Moroccan Shine Argan Oil which I’ve been using for the past few weeks on my hair, it does a great job at keeping my hair shiny and healthy, I’ve really seen an improvement in terms of fallout/weakness since I’ve been using this oil. The scent isn’t too overpowering which is something I hate about hair oils usually, it applies really well and it keeps my hair nice and soft for a while! A few drops go a long way! I also applied some coconut oil lip balm and hand cream from Palmers because honestly they smell amazing and they’re so moisturising and gentle on the skin! I love all Palmers products, they are perfect for sensitive skin, they don’t contain any harsh chemicals and have I mentioned how amazing they smell?! I would highly recommend Palmers products to you all as they’re extremely affordable and they work so well! I finished off by moisturising, today I went with my Bioderma moisturiser which is lightweight and perfect when you don’t want something heavy/sticky on your face.



I then switch on my heater and fairy lights which just makes my room 100x cosier and I get into bed! I admit, I spend a good while on my phone before I actually fall asleep but I’m sure most of you can relate to the endless scrolling on Instagram and Twitter. I shut the lights and the heater just as I get super sleepy!


So that was my night time routine in a nutshell, I often change up the products I use but I generally follow the same pattern of having a shower/bath, skincare, journalling and then cosying up in bed! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you liked this post, please follow more blog for more posts like this & don’t forget to follow me on my social media sites to stay up to date with me!








9 thoughts on “NIGHT-TIME ROUTINE!

  1. I love Palmers brand. They have amazing things. I’ll post a review soon. But they always seem to amaze me. I think I will return to Argan Oil because my ends feel dryer then usually for the winter and I’m trying to keep them hydrated! ☺️ Thanks for sharing!


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