I hope you’re well, it’s been forever! Leave me a comment and let me know how you’re doing! If you follow me on instagram, you would have seen that it was recently my 21st birthday and to celebrate the occasion Bakerdays kindly sent me a letterbox cake! I thought I would showcase and review the cake in this blogpost!


First of all, let’s talk about the concept of a letterbox cake? How convenient is this, especially if you have a friend or relative that doesn’t live close by, you can arrange to have a cake delivered to them! The fact that it fits perfectly in your letterbox is also a bonus as there’s no need for the postman to ring the doorbell (which can be super annoying early in the morning, am I right?) and it’s just the most pleasant surprise. I had actually forgotten that I was to receive this cake so when I did, it was just the most heartwarming feeling because I wasn’t expecting it and it was so nice!!


The cake arrived in the NICEST tin ever, I’ve literally kept this tin for future reference, it’s so pretty and it looks so luxurious. There are so many different designs on the Bakerdays website and you can even choose to personalise the cake with a message or a picture but the one I went for was a pretty balloon cake with the numbers 21 written on them. It looked exactly like the picture online and I was so impressed. In terms of the flavour, there was an option of 4 different ones to choose from but I went with chocolate (obviously)!! You would think the cake might taste odd but I kid you not, it was so moist and it seemed fresh out of the oven! It was soft and it tasted like a brownie to me which I’m not complaining about!


I think this makes such a good gift especially for someone who doesn’t live near you. I would highly recommend this brand as they were efficient with delivery, the design and the taste too!! You can check out Bakerdays here!! They have so many cakes to choose from and all at affordable prices too! This letterbox cake would be such a great surprise and trust me, it’ll taste great too!!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this blogpost! Please follow my blog and my social media sites which are linked down below!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!









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