Hey Loves!

Today I’m going to be reviewing an Islamic Gratitude Journal that was very kindly sent to me*, I’ll be telling you my overall thoughts on this journal, what I think about it and what my first impressions were! I think this journal is unique in the fact there aren’t others like it currently on the market! If you’d like to know what I think then continue reading!



My initial thoughts were ‘wow, this is so prestige’  because the packaging was on point, it was covered in black tissue paper and there was a thick cord of string tying it all together and it just looked so nice. There was a handwritten note from the owner of the business herself which was a nice personal touch and she has wonderful writing! I was in slight awe when I opened the packaged because I expected it to be nice, but my expectations were exceeded. It was heavy, thick, and the pages were such high quality!


Since receiving this journal, I have integrated it into my night routine and honestly, it’s really helped with my reflection of the day. I honestly think it would make a perfect gift, especially for someone who journals; another thing I love about this journal is the fact that it’s not gender specific, it’s not tailored to just women or just men, anyone can buy it and use it which is what makes it such a great gift to give when you’re lost for ideas. It’s a great initiative, unlike any other on the market and I think more and more people are soon going to know about this journal and will want it! It’s so aesthetically pleasing, the design is elegant in it’s simplicity and I love that about it. There are random quote pages integrated throughout which is also a neat feature in this journal because I am a quote person so I just loved seeing them and since it’s an Islamic journal, the quotes were mainly Islamic so that was really nice to read.

The pages have different questions on them on a day to day basis but they each have the same purpose – to show gratitude which is a very important thing nowadays because many people overlook all the things they have to be grateful for! My favourite pages are the two cover pages, because they’re just beautiful, the first page has the logo in gold foiling and the second has a quote in gold foiling and unfortunately, pictures can’t do it justice!


I love this journal very much and I’m so glad I was able to review because it’s simply stunning and I’m going to make so much use out of it. I know a few of my friends would definitely love to receive this! This is a great incentive that many people would benefit from using and I think more people need to know about this journal. I am highly impressed with the quality of this journal and I know it’s going to be of great use to me.


So that is all for this review, I thank Samia for gifting me this lovely journal, it’s so precious! If you guys would like to see more blogposts like this then please follow my blog and follow my social media sites to stay up to date with me!













*Despite this product being sent me, all views are my own!



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