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Today I am bringing to you the first post from my new series on my blog called Beginner Blogger; I am starting this series because I’ve had a lot of blog related questions from many people, on my blog, Instagram and Twitter so I thought what better way to share my knowledge than to compose it all into a series on my blog!

Today’s post is on how to increase traffic to your blog which is basically my most asked question so I will be talking about my tips and giving you advice on how to increase the amount of traffic you receive on your blog and how to gain exposure for your blog.

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Seriously this is my main tip and it works! You’ve got to give support to get it back, it’s a two way street. Liking and commenting on other’s posts increases the chance of them doing the same in return. It’s simple, this helps you gain exposure and if they like the content you put out, they’ll follow you. Also I’ll just point out that people who comment, gain exposure because whoever sees that comment will most likely click on their name which takes you to their blog. I know this firsthand because looking at my stats, I can see that quite a few ‘clicks’ have been on people that have commented on my posts!


If you’re putting effort into your blog then trust me, it will show. You can’t expect to gain a following right away, it takes time, perseverance and above all, hard work. My main tip here is to post things you love because that way, the passion comes across and people can see that and they’ll want to support you. Don’t think blogging is easy as it is not easy and it is most certainly not about getting free things or sponsored posts because all those things come with time. If you’re honestly doing blogging because you think it’s a way to make money then I doubt you’ll get very far. How sweet the tea is depends on how much sugar you put into it or in other words, how successful your blog becomes depends on how much hard work you put into it. If you keep delivering post after post, putting in effort, blogging about the topics you love then trust me, it will pay off so stick at it!

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Promote your blogs on ALL social media; make a Facebook page for your blog, make a twitter, make an Instagram – these things all help. The more you promote on them, the more exposure you’re gaining and personally speaking, the way I’ve gained followers on all my platforms is by putting myself out there, following other bloggers, talking to everyone and just generally supporting them! Here are the best ways to promote your blog and gain some traffic/following!

  • Twitter Follow Trains:

Start one yourself or type in the #Blogger and then just join one that’s already established. Essentially a blogger train is when everyone RTs and also comments their blog in response. You basically just follow everyone that has also retweeted it and they follow you! There are many kinds of follow trains on Twitter, ones for Instagram, Bloglovin’, Facebook etc.

  • Hashtags:

Hashtag everything and I mean it. On Twitter and Instagram, if you’re putting a picture up, hashtag relevant key word, this will help people who search that hashtag find you and it’ll increase the exposure to your account. I do this a lot, using the most popular hashtags like #bookstagram or #blogger.

  • Blogger Groups on Facebook:

These have really helped me promote my Facebook page. They have threads that allow you to link your page or your blog and most people do a like for like system where they’ll check out your page and like it if you do the same. It’s how I promote my Facebook page and I’ve actually made a group myself where I want Bloggers to support each other. You can join by clicking here!


When I first started off blogging, I did not know how to customise my theme or anything but you learn as you go along and do not be scared to ask for advice!! I get DMs on Instagram and Twitter and I love answering them, being able to help any beginner blogger is the least I can do and in essence, that is why I’ve started off this series! Start off with a basic theme and slowly start customising it, it’ll take a while till it looks exactly how you want but it’ll be worth it!


This is something I think most people don’t do but it’s something that helps a lot. Any key word that is somehow related to your blogpost, tag it. It increases the exposure to audience and helps your post get out there!

So that is all the tips I have on how to gain traffic on your blog and I have so much more different posts in this Beginner Blogger series coming up so make sure to give my blog a follow to stay updated! Also give me a follow on my social media sites to stay up to date with me, interact with me and also take part in polls to do with my blog!

Thank you so much for reading my loves! I hope this post helps you and it wasn’t a typical blogpost on how to gain traffic, I tried to mention things that I do and that have helped gain traffic!

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  1. Rabia, I love reading about blogging and these are great tips, and I’m here because you liked my blog post of today “A Love Note – Gratitude” I don’t understand the hashtag thing, have to really look it up. Happy Holiday.

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  2. Thanks for some of these tips! I just posted about disconnecting from the internet world, which is opposite of what yo said you should do. Personally I can see value in stepping back from media and see what comes up. Thanks for supporting my blog btw! Have a great day!

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  3. I’m not a new blogger but my follows and likes have increased quite slowly. I already do the first two of your suggestions and I just followed the link to Facebook Blog groups, and joined one (maybe two)! I don’t do Twitter and I only lurk on Instagram. Customizing my site is a different matter. I’ve had the same theme for a long time – it is basic but it looks decent. I am not very savvy when it comes to customizing. I’d like a new theme and have looked at several, but have no idea what to choose. Thanks for the suggestions and stop by my blog sometime – maybe you can give me feedback on what else I should do!

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  4. I’ve read many post on gaining traffic and this is one of the good ones. i love the part where you say blogging is not about getting free things. It does take a lot of time. I will definitely put the tips into use.

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  5. I just started my beauty blog and these tips are so helpful! I’m going to make a bloglovin’ account and I joined your facebook group. Thank you for this post! 🙂

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  6. I just started blogging so this is very helpful. It makes sense that as in life you get back what you give. I’ve shared my blog on Facebook and ma getting comments on Facebook from Facebook friends, but so far none of them are following the blog on WordPress. Which I guess is OK. Thanks.

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