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Today I’m bringing you another instalment in Beginner Blogger series because the first post I did in this series had such an overwhelming response and it’s already become my top post to date! You can read that here. This post is going to be on the apps I feel like every blogger should have on their phone, I use these apps almost daily and I highly recommend them to you!



Promoting blogposts, even old ones, is a great way to gain exposure for your blog but it does get annoying constantly writing up tweets or facebook posts, and it especially is hard remembering to write them! That is where Buffer steps in because this app allows you to schedule tweets or facebook posts – which are the two main platforms I use but Buffer also allows you to schedule posts for your Instagram, Google +,  LinkedIn, and Pinterest! It allows you to set certain times and days you want to post which is useful. The best thing about Buffer is that it lets you see the analytics behind each post that you post using the Buffer app so it lets you know how many people clicked on the link which is so insightful and personally it’s helped me realise how I should compose my posts!




I know Twitter has increased their word count to 280 but Bitly was a lifesaver when there was only 140 characters allowed. Bitly is available as an app and also an extension for your browser that can shorten your link, they can even be personalised so instead of saying , it can be customised to say which is so useful. Also, just like Buffer, it monitors your analytics and the engagement with the link you’ve made and shared which is so useful! I love the extension that is available because it’s just one click and it allows you to make a bitly link so I would highly recommend that too!




I discovered Mailchimp when I was googling how to get a popup subscriber alert on my blog and I’m really glad I discovered Mailchimp because it has helped me gain email subscribers that I might not have had because the widget that allows people to sign up to your blog on WordPress isn’t that noticeable whereas a popup is. The one bad thing about this is that the email followers you get from Mailchimp do not add to your WordPress followers. Mailchimp allows you to make your own email, customise exactly how you want it to look and send it to all or even certain followers. Again, this app lets you know how many people opened your email and even how many people clicked on your link so it’s super handy and super useful and I highly recommend it.




Hands down my favourite editing app that I wish I had discovered sooner! This is useful for editing blog pictures and especially Instagram pictures. I only edit the thumbnail per se of my blogposts, not the rest of the pictures included in my blogpost otherwise that would be too much but I use it for every single Instagram picture I upload. Shameless promo but you can follow my Instagram here. I will include a before and after picture that I edited using this app, if you’d like a detailed blogpost on how I edit my pictures then let me know!




If you stress about your Instagram feed almost as much as I do then this app is perfect for you. It allows you to preview your feed and there are a lot of apps that let you do this but this one is my all-time favourite purely because it let’s you view how your feed would look if you deleted certain pictures and that has been my favourite feature on this app because like I said, I stress wayyy too much about my feed and I shouldn’t but I do.




I feel like this is a must have app for bloggers, because it lets you connect with and follow bloggers that are on different platforms compared to you. It also lets you sort your blogposts out into collections and even save other people’s blogposts that you loved reading! It also lets you create posts that you can post to your followers on the app and it’s a great way to discover new apps! You can follow my Bloglovin’ here.




Of course this is a must, I’m sure most of you have this app already but if you do’t then go and download it right now because it just makes responding to comments so much easier, also it’s perfect for quickly writing up a draft blogpost if you suddenly have a moment of inspiration like I do. I use the app when I’m on the go and I just want to read the blogs I follow or if I just want to see the response on my latest blogpost, it’s a super handy app to have!



So that is all the apps I recommend to a beginner blogger! I use these apps myself and they help me out a lot so I hope they do the same for you. Let me know if there are any other apps you think are essential for a blogger to have!


Thank you so much for reading and please follow my blog to see more posts like this! Keep up to date with me and give me a follow on my social media sites.  I hope you have a wonderful day!





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