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Today I’m going to be talking to you about products I’ve bought and hated or products that I’ve bought and regretted buying since they literally did nothing for me. I would not recommend or repurchase any of these products! These are all my opinions of these products based on my own experiences of using them so not everyone will agree with my opinion of them but reviews are always going to be subjective and these are my thoughts! I hope you enjoy reading!



I am an Essence superfan, I LOVE their mascaras and I rave on about them all the bloody time but this was the first ever mascara I ever bought from them and it disappointed me so much, it is absolutely awful and did nothing for my lashes. It was like it was dried out, there was hardly any product on the wand, the wand was flimsy and after application, you literally could not tell that I had even applied mascara. However much I love all the other Essence mascara’s, I would never recommend this one to anyone. I don’t even think they sell it anymore which is GOOD RIDDANCE!


This product is a bit of a weird one, the brush tip is so fine and it applies really smoothly. Eyeliner pens are generally easy to use and this one is no exception and being someone who wears winged liner pretty much everyday, I can say that it was really easy for me to do my wing with this liner BUT (there’s always a but), it isn’t substantial whatsoever. It barely lasts longer than 2 hours on my eyelids, it fades and looks almost greyish which is just awful, my wing is almost always off and it just looks as if I’d been wearing the eyeliner since yesterday which is not a good look. So maybe it’s something with their formula, it just isn’t long lasting and that is a major problem for me especially because I tend to do my eyeliner in the morning to last me throughout the whole day which is why I would never repurchase this eyeliner ever again.


This product hurts my heart, it was such a big disappointment. I’d been after a mascara with a small wand specifically for my lower lashes because I have quite small eyes so bigger wands always end up getting product on my under eyes (I’m still looking for a good mascara for my bottom lashes so please leave me some recommendations). Anyways, I had looked online for a mascara like this and this was one of the first mascaras that came up so I thought I would purchase it. It looked good, the packaging was simple and I liked it, it had good reviews so I had high expectations but as soon as I wore it, I had instant flashbacks of the Essence mascara that I just mentioned in this post; flimsy wand, hardly any product, didn’t make a difference to my lashes whatsoever. I was so annoyed but I tried wearing it a couple of times but it just did nothing for me which just frustrated me so much,  again I would never recommend this to anyone.


Sounds fancy right? This had been on my wish list for the longest time purely because I had been using a glycolic acid toner and I felt like it was making a difference and I also loved the idea of an overnight peel. The thing with this is that I don’t think it’s a bad product, I didn’t hate it, I just wouldn’t repurchase it which is why it’s featured in this blogpost. I’ve worn it a couple of times now and it smells fruity which is nice, it doesn’t sting my face, it doesn’t cause any discomfort even though I’ve left it on overnight. My problem with this is that it doesn’t make any difference, none whatsoever so I don’t really see the point of it. Maybe it might work on someone else but for me, I saw no difference even after a couple of uses.


This is another one that sounds fancy and given the price of it, you’d think it’d make it difference right. I mean maybe it’s just me but when products make a difference to my skin, I can tell but this did absolutely nothing and my sister can vouch for this as well because she wore this a few times as well. It did nothing for my poor pores and apart from the fact that it was slightly fun peeling the mask off, it was literally useless and a big fat waste of money.



First of all, just look at the price, it’s cleansing water for goodness sake, why is it so overpriced. Yes it has a pump but that is the only good thing about it. I don’t hate this product but I don’t understand why it’s that expensive when it does the same exact job as any other micellar water I’ve used. No7 is a really overpriced brand personally, both their makeup and skincare range is just not worth the money to me, I’ve used quite a few products because I think ‘oh it’ll be good’ but it NEVER is! So I’m just boycotting No7 now, it’s just not worth it and I’d rather pay £2 for the Garnier micellar water which does the exact same job and this thing. I am, however keeping the cute bottle and refilling it with my own micellar water so I can use the pump element but that’s it.

So that is it for this blogpost, these are the products I would not recommend and that I’m not going to be repurchasing! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost! Please follow my blog for more posts like this! Drop me a follow on my social media pages to stay updated with me!










  1. I have purchased many No. 7 products and I feel like they are overpriced as well. They have done *nothing* for me. I’ve tried the glycolic peel and the under eye cream with no real results. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks they are overpriced.

    I DO love essence products though. I like their false lashes dramatic volume unlimited the most!

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