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I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for a while now but I had no idea how to set it out in a way that wouldn’t make it too boring. However I saw one of my favourite bloggers, Lauren, do a post like this which inspired me to do my own because I thoroughly enjoyed reading hers and I loved the way she set it out, just giving a small overview about her day. You can read her post here. So here it is, my blogpost about a week in my life.



I used to hate Monday’s because I used to have 9am starts which meant waking up around 6.45am and I wasn’t here for that. However, my timetable changed this semester and I start at 11am instead which is more convenient. I had pathology lectures all day and they finished at 5pm. I had zero motivation to do any notes that evening although I did attempt to. I ended my day by watching an episode of Merlin and applying a turmeric face mask that literally did nothing for my skin. πŸ™ƒ


Tuesday’s are my longest days because I’m in university from 9am till 5pm which I know is a standard working day but it just sucks the life out of you. I had molecular genetics and immunology lectures. I did have a break in between that was long enough for me to walk into town and spend money that I said I wasn’t going to spend. After I got home, I did some notes then applied the Holler and Glow mask I had purchased earlier in the day.



Wednesday’s are my days off. I was supposed to meet up with my friends for coffee since one of my friends had returned from studying abroad but unfortunately that didn’t happen. I decided to productive instead so I tidied my room and rearranged a few parts of it – which I do so often that it’s hard to keep up with it. I went to a few shops with my sister and picked up a few bits and bots, including shampoo, conditioner and this folder which was on for 50p! I don’t particularly like the design but I just needed a folder to submit my portfolio in at the end of year and since we don’t get the portfolio back, I’d rather give it in an ugly folder. I finished my notes from the previous two days then published my blogpost for that day. I publish all my blogposts every Wednesday, unless it’s a Top Two Tuesday!



I was at University from 10-2. I had tutorial and I was given my assignment title for a scientific research article I have to write. I came home and typed up my notes from the morning lectures. Then I decided to prepare my bag for the next day since I was going to be in for a while. I also printed out some sheets I needed for the next day.


I started off the day having breakfast with a friend which was rather filling. Then I met up with my other friend so we could complete this statistics assignment we had. We were extra productive because we went over some molecular genetics content as well. I went into Superdrug on the way home and bought some more stuff I didn’t need. I got home and TRIED doing some notes but failed. I watched a movie called Escape Room which was really good and totally put me off going to an escape room, however I was kind of confused because there are two movies called Escape Room that we released in the same year so I don’t know which one I watched but it was good.



Saturday’s are pretty family orientated, it’s the one day of the week when we all get together which is pretty nice. I had work from 4-8pm and I came back tired as hell, as always. I had a pretty relaxed evening, just doing notes and planning my week ahead.


I was meant to work 12-4 only but I was asked to do overtime so I stayed till 7pm which meant I was absolutely shattered when I got home. I went up to my bedroom as soon as I got home and stayed there all night pretty much, just planning blogposts and replying to comments.


So there it was, a week in my life. I hope you enjoyed reading it and didn’t find it too boring! For more posts like this, follow my blog! Also check out my social media sites to stay up to date with me! Let me know if you liked this blogpost and I’ll try to write more like this! I hope you have a great day and thanks for reading!



58 thoughts on “A WEEK IN MY LIFE!

    1. I have really weird skin, I feel like most skincare products, especially masks don’t make a huge difference so the Holler and Glow mask didn’t really do anything for me but it was fun wearing it, if that makes sense!


  1. Your week was pretty balanced in my opinion, and I’m actually a little surprised at the way you can balance your social and blogging life with university! And OMG your desk space!!! How did you manage to make it look so beautiful?? I would love to see like a desk tour or something.

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    1. Awe thank you so much, I loved reading your comment! My desk space is so cluttered and I haven’t got it looking exactly how I’d like but once it is then I will definitely do a desk tour! πŸ’—

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  2. Reading this brought back so many memorise of my days at university. I might try to write a post like this soon since I’ll be teaching at a new school in Japan, and I want to get those memories on paper as soon as possible. Take care!

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