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Today I’m going to be reviewing some wax melts that I was sent from the company Moonlight Melts! All opinions are my own and I’m going to be completely honest with you about what I think! I had only ever used Yankee Candle wax melt tarts before receiving these so I’ll be doing a comparison in this blogpost also!


Initial thoughts:

As soon as I opened the box, I could smell the wax melts, I couldn’t pin point a scent but all the different ones had fused together and were letting off a really nice smell which made me excited to use them. The packaging was minimalistic and quite plain, it fit perfectly through the letter box. I do think that these would make excellent gifts which is why I think there should be an option on the website that allows you to choose if you want it wrapped up a bit nicer with different coloured tissue paper, maybe even a bow and a personalised message inside? However since this was only for me and my own usage, I didn’t mind how it was packaged, the melts were clearly labelled, each with a little description of the scent (which was so handy for me because I’m the worst at describing how things smell) and my overall opinion was that I could really see the homemade/handmade element to these wax melts which made it even more appealing.




The first thing I did with these was smell each individual one, make a note of my initial thoughts and also take a ton of pictures haha. Right from the off, two scents really stood out to me which is why I used them first. The scent spring booster has to be my absolute favourite (which you would know if you follow my instagram); my sister had melted it during the day and as soon as I got home from University, I could smell it as I walked through the doors and it just smelt so good!

I’m now going to review each individual wax melt that I was sent, I’ll include the description that was on the packaging and then I’ll say what I thought of it!

MIDSUMMER’S NIGHT: heady smell of a summers night. warm, a little spicy and very seductive.

To me, this scent was very musky and it attracted me, straight from the off. It reminds me of aftershave and bears a very close resemblance, in terms of scent, of the Bath and Bodyworks candle ‘Mahogany Teakwood’. This was the first melt I used and it was strong but not overpowering. It scented the room rather quickly and I love deep purple colour that it is. I think this melt is perfect for those relaxed nights in, it really sets the atmosphere and I can’t wait to use this again.



SPRING BOOSTER: a sweet, flirtatious, citrus fruity smell.

I love fruity, especially citrus, scents so it was no surprise to me that I would love the scent of this wax melt. I think the colour of this wax melt is perfect because this coral pink colour definitely reminds me of spring. The house smelt amazing after using this melt, it really gave a fresh scent and it was a kind of sweet, citrus smell but the citrus notes were subdued and not too overwhelming.


BLACK KISS: a seductive blend of black raspberry, burgundy rose and dark vanilla bean.

I can’t pinpoint the exact smell of this melt but it is also musky, however it isn’t as strong as the midsummer’s night wax melt. The first thought that came into my mind upon smelling this was ‘dark fruit’ which is an odd phrase to think of but it actually really suits the wax melt as it is both musky yet fruity.

DRUMSTICK LOLLIES: a mouth-watering combination of marshmallow with notes of creamy strawberry and vanilla.

This without a doubt, smells exactly like a drumstick lolly. Not exactly to my taste as it is rather sweet and I feel like the scent might just get sickly after a while because I don’t know if it’s just me but I can’t burn vanilla candles for long time because they get to my head and make me feel nauseous. But if you’re someone who loves vanilla candles, or overly sweet scents then this just might be the wax melt for you.

CANDY COMFORT: it’s fruity, it’s bubbly, just bury yourself in comfort.

I liked this one too, it has a smell of berries which I like but it’s a subtle scent which I think would leave the house smelling really fresh. There’s glitter in this wax melt which I think makes it look nice whilst it’s burning.

PROSECCO: very realistic sparkling wine, fizzy and smells like the bottom of a used champagne glass.

I had never smelt prosecco before so I had no idea what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised to find it was very sweet, maybe too sweet – again like the drumstick lollies, I feel like it might be too sweet after melting it for a while but I’m assuming if you like the taste of prosecco then you’ll probably enjoy this scent too!

CUCUMBER AND EARLY GREY TEA:ย afternoon tea, cucumber sandwiches, with a sweet base note of vanilla and musk.

This one was probably my least favourite, mainly because I don’t like the scent of tea, or tea in general however this would be great for all the tea lovers out there. This gave a really fresh scent off to me, kind of reminded me of herbs.


DARK POMEGRANATE: dark, sexy fragrance, juicy pomegranate and raspberry blend fabulously with spicy woods and patchouli around pink pepper and lily.

This is also one of my favourite scents, a mix between fruity and musky and I love it. Kind of reminds me of a pomegranate candle that I got from Matalan but with added hints of musk and that makes it smell great. Cherry and pomegranate scents often remind me of play-dough but not in a bad way and this wax melt does too but I think that’s just me.


Overall, I would say that these wax melts are so inexpensive and personally, I do think the scents are more varied and stronger than the Yankee tarts. There is a huge variety of the scents available on the Moonlight Melts website, something for everyone. From the melts I was sent, I didn’t like all of them because certain scents didn’t appeal to me but on the other hand, some scents smelt so good to me. I think Moonlight Melts is a great brand that’s going to continue growing for sure because wax melts are something that appeals to a range of people; whether you’re looking to buy a gift for someone or whether you’re just someone who’s really into candles and wax melts, then I highly recommend checking out Moonlight Melts and trying out some of their scents! Even on their website, there’s a small description of how each scent smells which I think is important because sometimes the name of the wax melt can be appealing but it might not smell nice to you. You can check out Moonlight Melts here!

Thank you so much for reading this blogpost and I hope you enjoyed it! Please follow my blog for more posts like this. Follow me on my social media sites to stay up to date with me!




  1. oh god moonlight melts max welts are amazing! I bought a couple different ones last year (my bank balance was not happy) and I still have loads left. I actually resuse the wax melts because I find when you reheat them there’s still some scent left. I do think I prefer candles though, they’re just less messy

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