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Today I’m bringing you another blogpost and I’ll be talking about my top 5 mascaras from all the ones I’ve tried. I’ll admit that mascara is probably my favourite beauty item and it’s probably the one I started using first and I have a pretty big collection growing! I mainly buy drugstore mascaras and I have used a pretty vast amount of different ones which is why I am going to share with you the ones that I would repurchase and are worth the money!


I realise this is becoming a sort of segment on my blog as I have done a previous blogpost where I discussed my top 5 nude lip products under £5 which you can read over here. Also, can we appreciate my gorgeous new logo made by Katie Cooper, you can check out and follow her blog here. Be sure to comment down below and let me know your thoughts on my new logo!!


This is hands down my favourite mascara in the world, it is joint top with the Maybelline Lash Sensational and I highly recommend it.  This mascara can be purchased from Wilkinson but I get so annoyed because it is always out of stock, it’s super popular. I really want to try the purple version of this mascara which is the sculpted volume version. The current one I have and love is the green top which is the false lash effect and for £3.30, can you find anything better than this – I think not. As you can probably tell by the mascara tube, I’ve used it so much that the writing has actually faded off so I’ll insert an old picture of it. The wand is sort of cone-shaped and it separates my lashes so well and it lengthens so well! I cannot express how much I love this mascara!



Essence is truly a great brand that is affordable and great quality. I love their lip products and I love their mascaras as you can probably tell. I actually had a bad experience with the first ever mascara I bought from this brand but thankfully I discovered their other ones; the mascara that I hated is actually discontinued now. I picked up this mascara when I was in Dubai however it is available to purchase from Wilkinson for only £2.80!! That price is actually crazy because the mascara itself is great! The bristles on this wand are super short but they make my lashes look so thick and full of ‘crazy volume’ so I guess the name of the mascara is right.


This mascara was actually featured in my Top Two Tuesday blogpost which you can read here and I still love this mascara to this day. For only £2.50, this mascara makes my lashes look long and volumised. I could rave on about this for ages! I would highly recommend this mascara. Unfortunately Primark don’t sell their products online which is super frustrating and I hope they start soon! This wand really coats every lash and I can’t explain to you how good my lashes look with this on, it actually curls my lashes upwards which is something a lot of mascaras don’t do which is why this one is so great!


This is actually one of the first mascaras I bought and I really liked this, I still do. I don’t get much use out of it nowadays because my collection is just so big but I remember when I had just started wearing mascara and I got this, I thought it was really good. It definitely volumises my eyelashes and they never looked clumpy. This mascara is great for beginners and it’s super cheap as well. For only £3.99, this can be purchased from Superdrug. The wand makes it really good as separating lashes and it’s great if you’re going for a natural look, compared to the other mascaras I’ve mentioned which give a more false lash effect.


So this one isn’t exactly under £5 but it’s around the £5 mark so I thought I would include it anyway! Again. this is one of those mascaras I bought when I was beginner and I’ve had it for quite a well but I recall that this literally made a difference to my lashes from one coat. This can be purchased from Boots. As you can probably tell from the wand, it applies really evenly without any clumpiness which is my pet peeve when it comes to mascara. Again, this gives quite natural looking lashes rather than false lashes which is good if you don’t want to go heavy.

So those are all the mascaras I would recommend to you! Thank you so much for reading my blogpost, I hope you enjoyed it and please follow my blog for more posts like this!  Follow my social media sites to stay updated with me!


40 thoughts on “TOP 5 UNDER £5 – MASCARAS!

  1. Mascara is my favourite too! I recently got gifted the UD troublemaker mascara (post pending) and it is ah-may-zing!!!
    Loving the logo btw!
    I’ve never actually tried any of the essence products, but them mascaras look amazing!!

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    1. I’ve only ever used a few high end mascaras but I always go back to my drugstore ones, I have my eye on the Too Faced one currently! I can’t wait for your post on the UD one though!
      Thank you so much and you should definitely try them because they are so cheap yet so good!


      1. Most mascaras from drugstores have silicone brushes. You just have to make sure they show you on the package or state that they are silicone. I know Ulta beauty collection has one. I can’t remember the brands from the drugstores, but they’re very easy to find:)

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  2. These sound like some wonderful mascara’s. I used to swear by the Maybelline but don’t any more (they’re sadly not cruelty free) but I’ll have to check out the others thank you!! xx

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  3. Hey, I just ran into your blog, you’re so inspiring ❤️
    Great shares ❤️
    I looooove Essence Extreme mascara, it’s so good and so affordable, I love it more than a lot of more expensive products
    Also, if you want, I would love you to take a look at my blog I think we have pretty much same interests 🙂
    Xo Nadja

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