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If you’ve been following me for some time, you would know I did a post last year all about my 2018 Blogging Goals which you can read here. That post was well received so I thought I’d do a 2019 Blogging Goals post too as well revisiting my goals for 2018 to see if I’ve met them! I hope you enjoy reading and let me know in the comments what your 2019 goal is – blogging or personal!



Reach 30,000 Blog Views by the End of the Year:

My first goal was to reach 30K views on my blog by the end of the year and I’m so proud to say I hit that goal a few months before the end of the year. I’m currently on 34K+ and honestly that surprises me a lot because I’ve been on a dry run lately due to it being my final year at university, I haven’t had time to post.

Post Weekly:

The second goal I had set for myself was to post weekly and uh, it’s safe to say that didn’t happen, I did start off with mostly weekly and it was going well until around April time when exam season kicked in and from there, the posting weekly just fell apart so my second goal was not achieved.

Reach 5,000 Followers:

In my post last year, I did say this was my most ambitious goal and I was right, it was too ambitious. I haven’t unfortunately made it to 5,000 but I’m so grateful that I now have over 4.1K followers which is just insane considering the fact I’m a total failure when it comes to posting regularly, thank you all SO much!

Change Up My Header:

I can 100% say I achieved this goal and I achieved it twice! For the first half of the year, I had lovely banner that was green and then I changed it up when my friend drew this outline of me! I’m so in love and I probably won’t change it up for a while now!

Increase My Interactivity Across My Social Medias:

I think this goal was a hit or a miss, really. I absolutely flopped on Facebook – I find it hard to be engaging on there to be honest. Instagram was a huge hit – I actually had a super quick growth over the summer and I’ve had some really exciting opportunities come from it! I have made friends with loads of bloggers and I even met up with one so all in all, my Instagram interaction has been amazing although it’s gone quite slow recently due to me being inactive because of exams. Twitter hasn’t been all that great either but nonetheless, I am super proud of what I’ve achieved because I don’t think I could have imagined what I’ve achieved this last time last year so go me!


So just to break down my overall statistics from all my social media sites, this is just for myself really, I love to mark down and monitor growth and then compare at the end of the year!


  • Jan 1st 2018: 6,327
  • GOAL FOR 2018: 13,000
  • Jan 1st 2019: 12,737
  • GOAL FOR 2019: 20,000


  • Jan 1st 2018: 2,883
  • GOAL FOR 2018: 4,500
  • Jan 1st 2019: 3,995
  • GOAL FOR 2019: 5,000


  • Jan 1st 2018: 329
  • GOAL FOR 2018: 450
  • Jan 1st 2019: 431
  • GOAL FOR 2019: 500


  • Jan 1st 2018: 29
  • Jan 1st 2019: 57


  • Jan 1st 2018: 2,409
  • GOAL FOR 2018: 5,000
  • Jan 1st 2019: 4,153
  • GOAL FOR 2019: 6,000


  • Jan 1st 2018: 52
  • Jan 1st 2019: 83


  • Jan 1st 2018: 16
  • Jan 1st 2019: 23

We Heart It:

  • Jan 1st 2018: 271
  • Jan 1st 2019: 272


I had growth over all my platforms even though some of them weren’t much but that would come down to the fact that I’m not active on those sites. I didn’t hit my goals for this year on my platforms but I hope to do so next year!


So here are my 2019 goals which I will hope to revisit in a years time, hopefully having achieved all of them! I reached 3/5 goals last year and this year would love to try and top that by either reaching 4 or 5!

Reach 55,000 Blog Views by the End of the Year:

So last year, I set a goal of achieving 18,000 blog views (30,000 overall) and I ended up getting 22,000 (34,000 overall) so this year I’m being a little more ambitious and I’m hoping to reach 55,000 overall! Hopefully that’s doable and I get it done!

Post Fortnightly:

I’m not going to kid myself by saying I’m going to post weekly because we all know I’m incapable of doing that and even if I do end up doing it for a few weeks, I’ll always fall through. So instead I’m going to be lenient with myself by saying my goal is to post every two weeks and that sounds doable to be, here’s to hoping I actually do it!

Reach 6,000 Followers:

This year, I fell flat on my face because I aimed too high, I feel like this goal is slightly ambitious too but I will be so happy with myself if I achieve this by next year! I think wanting to reach this goal will really encourage me to post every two weeks!

Go Self-Hosted:

I have been wanting to do this for the longest time, if you’ve ever spoken to me about my blog then you will know this but I’m a student and right now, I can’t afford to pay for my domain and my website so I haven’t but I really want to and hopefully I will sometime this year!

Add More of Me to My Platform:

Apart from the animated drawing of me, I feel like I haven’t really posted about me, I want to really break those barriers and start posting pictures of me and start talking about me because I feel like I haven’t done that yet.

Get Back Into It:

Finally, I just want to get back into the swing of things, especially with my blog. I’ve been so busy and stressed that I’ve neglected it and I just want to revert to my mindset of wanting to blog because I love it, not feeling like ugh I don’t want to. Blogging has sparked my love of photography – I never realised how good I was until I started blogging and I’ve improved so much and I’ve also gained so many opportunities from blogging that I’m so grateful for so I want to go back to when I used to sit and blog about things I love because I haven’t done that for some time and I miss it.

So those are the goals I have set for myself in terms of blogging for 2019 and I hope I reach them all! Some are realistic and some are ambitious but we shall see how they pan out! I wanted to write this post because I think it’d be great for me to look back at when 2019 is coming to an end to see if I met them just like I did with this post. I hope you enjoyed reading and please follow me on my social media sites to stay up to date!








23 thoughts on “REVISITING MY 2018 BLOGGING GOALS + MY 2019 GOALS!

  1. good luck with your 2019 goals and happy new year! I also want to go sef hosted one day but im in the same position of not being to afford it atm. Followed you on insta 💕

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