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Today I’m back with another post in my Beginner Blogger series; you can read my other posts in this series here. I want to talk about scheduling and planning blogposts today. I always get questions on how I plan my posts and on my blog schedule so I thought it’d be easier to compile my information into one post so it’ll hopefully help a few people who have the same questions.


I think it’s always good to have a schedule – so YOU know when you need to post and so your readers know when you’re going to post as well. First of all, you need to determine how many times you want to post in a week, I (try to) stick with one because it’s easier for me, personally. You should really make use out of your stats and see what day and time you usually get the most views and make that your posting time. If you’re completely new to the blogging game and your stats are constantly changing then go for a day that’s convenient for you. I kind of combined the time I get the most views and the day that was most convenient for me which resulted in 6pm on a Wednesday becoming the time I post.


If you don’t have a notebook dedicated to blogging then get one because it’s useful –  you can jot down any ideas you have, that’s something I do all the time and also, it’ll help you plan out your posts. Sometimes I just open up a draft on my WordPress and quickly just type out the name of the blogpost I have in my mind so I don’t forget.


I start off writing down the dates I want to release a blogpost.

Then I look at the list of blogpost ideas I have wrote down, these are usually sprawled across different pages over two notebooks, I write down a list of the posts that are more likely to be ready to type up and post.

Then I sort and assign blogposts so the dates I had wrote previously. I colour code my posts based on what genre they are (that’s just me being extra) but I do this so I don’t post  too many similar blogposts all at once.

I then usually mind map or bullet point and plan what exactly I’m going to talk about in the post; if it’s a review or a week in my life, I would have already been writing my thoughts as I’ve been going along just to make it easier for myself.

If I’ve planned beforehand or if I know exactly what I’m going to talk about then I can deliver a blogpost within a couple of hours which I usually do whenever I’m free. I chose Wednesday as my posting day because I usually have Wednesday’s off from uni so I can always finish off my blogpost during the day.

I am one of those people who can’t write the blogpost without having taken the pictures first, I don’t know if that’s just me but I always have to take the pictures first, so I take the pictures, I usually edit one of them so that it can be my featured image for the blogpost. I have a list of pictures that I know I need to take for the blogpost and then I always take one to be the main ‘thumbnail’ for the blogpost and that’s the one I use to promote that blogpost on my social media sites too!

Then I type up my blogpost using my plan and the images I’ve taken to create exactly what I’m imagining in my head come to life on the screen.

I always sort my posts into categories and I tag accordingly and then I sometimes schedule my posts to be posted at 6pm or I just publish them immediately.



So that’s all for this post, I hope you enjoyed reading it and that it was helpful to you! Follow my blog for more posts like this and be sure to follow me on my social media sites to stay up to date!! Thank you for reading!!











    1. I just love all things to do with organisation and planning so I think that’s why I’m so extra when it comes to planning for my blogposts haha, I think some people are great at just spontaneously writing them up though!! Thank you so much for reading babe 💕


  1. Great post – except that it reminds me how disorganized I am. I need to start writing down my ideas as they come to me and listing the things I want to cover in each one. Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration.

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    1. Awe you’re welcome, I’m glad this post could be of some help to you! I just love notebooks and planning and organisation which is why I think I’m good at it! Thank you so much for reading 💗


  2. Loved this post but mainly I love your photography skills as they are just so good and beautiful. I do too feel that having a schedule of some sort will be helpful.
    Also I will need to try a little book to organise my blog posts in as this will be quite helpful.

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  3. Your notebook is a lot like my spreadsheet. I have colour coded cells for post types on certain days and once I know the subject I write it on there. I am struggling to keep up with my blog at the mo (very tired/heavily pregnant) but find keeping it simple is the easiest way. I also create draft posts with this topic name to remind myself & work on the go. I tend to take my pics after it is written except for beauty products because I want to use them.

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  4. I actually plan to make a similar post in the future about how I plan posts (although I don’t post as regularly yet, so maybe I’ll try to do that first), but I actually just have one draft that functions generally like your notebook, because it’s just easier for me to get in a blogging mood when I’m on my blog dashboard already. I jot down post ideas, my ideal schedule, etc. in it. It is working for me so far, and hopefully I’ll get it more organized as I get more into the hang of blogging. I just have to be careful not to publish that draft! :))

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    1. Awe that actually sounds like a great idea, I would definitely read your post because I love seeing how everyone has different styles when it comes to blogging!! Thank you so much for reading my post lovely xx

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    1. Everyone has their own style but thank you so much!! I prefer to just complete my blogpost in one, having loads of drafts bothers me haha, thank you for reading!!


  5. This is so helpful! For some months now I didn’t feel inspired at all to write on my blog but since it’s summer and I’ve some free time I’m gonna give it another shot. Your post will definitely help me! 🙂

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  6. Wow! Very informative! I always start being this organized with my thoughts and maintaining one notebook, but it always ends up with me scribbling thoughts at the back of my lecture notebooks! 😅

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  7. Rabia!! This was awesome as always! Your posts are so informative and I especially adore the Beginner Blogger series. 🙂 I literally wrote notes on this post – can’t wait to implement it into my own blogging routine as I was really struggling with this!

    Arshi |

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  8. Wow thank you so much for this post! I’ve been on wordpress for quite some time but was so lost on how to get myself organized but after reading your post and understanding how you do it really makes it seem not so overwhelming 🙂

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  9. I enjoyed your post. When I blogged professionally, I would keep a schedule on Trello. My blog here is just personal recounting of my days and thoughts, so I don’t keep any schedule. I write when I feel moved to express myself. I guess different goals for different blogs.

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