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Today I’m going to be rambling about some eBooks that I’ve read recently that have really made me think about my current lifestyle, I would regard these as self help books and they’re insightful so I would recommend them! They come as a bundle of three and they’re not that long, I read one of the books in a night, it was really eye opening and I wanted to know more.


In light of the coming new year, I’ve been trying to reduce my procrastination levels in order to be as productive as I can be! I recently signed up to these free eBooks which you can sign up to here! There are three eBooks in this pack; Reset Your Mindset, Stop Procrastination Today and Sell Your Own New Product. I was really looking forward to reading the first two books as they are the most relevant to me and I wasn’t disappointed. After reading the two, I got that sense of motivation and I wanted to be productive!

I started off reading Stop Procrastination Today and I felt really inspired. The eBook itself  isn’t too long so it didn’t take me that long to get through it. This eBook made me question the reason behind my procrastination – why do I do it? Is it because I’m scared of failing or because I don’t want to exert myself? This eBook is all about understanding the mindset behind the procrastination, the reasoning of why we procrastinate and then it focuses it on tackling it. Setting goals is one of the tips this eBook gives and I totally agree, I think writing a list of goals at the beginning of the day helps keep your head focused; plus revisiting the goals at the end of the day – crossing them off your to-do list, it provides you with a personal sense of satisfaction which is kind of an unbeatable feeling.  I see the correlation between energy, mindset and levels of productiveness and I think you have to focus on all three to see a positive increase in all three of them which is something I’m aiming to do!

Next, I focused on the Reset Your Mindset eBook and I really liked this one, it was like a self help book almost and again, after reading it, I felt motivated and raring to go. I think this book would be really handy to read when you’re going through a phase where you aren’t motivated and you’re feeling lazy in regards to everything which is how I get sometimes. My favourite chapter in this book and probably the biggest lesson that I’ve learnt from this book that I’ll definitely remember is the one titled ‘measure your success the right away.’ It’s eye opening really, and I do relate to it because I feel like we are too hard on ourselves. We don’t celebrate each mini goal even though we should – we just focus on the end goal and we put ourselves down until we get there but we really should be motivating ourselves each step of the way because it’s like a tiny victory, putting us one step closer to our end goal. I think I need to remember that more.

I had a small skim through the last book and whilst it’s not relevant to me, I feel it would appeal to a lot of people. This bundle is completely FREE so make sure you sign up to it! I would class these as self help/motivational books which is something I have never read before so it was a first for me and I have to say it, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed my little reflection and musings on these books! Feel free to follow me on my social media sites to keep up to date with me!









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