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Today I’m back with another review! Today’s review is tailored towards a Muslim audience as it’s based on a book tailored towards children who are just beginning to read and learn the Quran.


First off, I’m just going to put it out there, I LOVE the concept of this, I think it’s super unique and there aren’t any books like this on the market targeted towards young children. My niece absolutely loved this and my sister was so impressed by the quality of this book! It’s bright, colourful which really appeals to kids but at the same time, it’s informative and educational which adds to the appeal for parents.

I think this would make a perfect gift for a child between the ages for 3-8! The bright, vibrant pictures are enticing and add to the appeal of the book. I think the incentive of this book is unique – it’s aimed to make children understand the meaning behind many Surah’s before actually learning the Surah’s themselves. I think that is a great idea because most children out there just learn Surah’s off by heart without knowing anything about the Surah’s or what they mean! This book would act as a great tool to aid and assist children as they endeavour to really learn the meaning behind some of the most loved Surah’s.

The contents of this book are laid out in a really simple way, dividing each Surah up based on it’s concept. Again, the contents themselves are super colourful which I think, makes a child want to look at it and read it. This book has done a really good job at adhering to its target audience! There are 46 pages, each with a Surah about a certain event or item, for example on Page 30, there’s Surah Qadr which is the Decree and it has split up several Ayah’s of the Surah, translating each one in English with pictures too!


It has been checked and approved by Sheikh Dr Abdullah ibn Yusuf Aljudai so it provides a sense of satisfaction to the parents buying this book, knowing that what their child is learning is accurate! Even the cover of the book is appealing, it has pictures that all tie in with Islam and there isn’t much writing which is probably a good thing when keeping in mind the target market.

This book has super high quality pages and you can really see the intention and purpose of this book shown in every page. Like I mentioned earlier, this would make a really thoughtful gift to a child that is beginning to learn to recite the Quran. It bridges that knowledge of understanding in their mind, helping them to pay more attention and be more intrigued with the Surah’s they are reciting. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything this child friendly in regards to a child first learning to read the Quran and I can definitely see why it would have a big appeal to parents out there!

It’s even gone as far as to help me learn what certain Ayah’s of Surah’s meant because I didn’t know and growing up, whilst I was learning to read the Quran, I was just reading it, not understanding it and I kind of wish there was a tool, such as this book, out there to help aid my recitation. It would have expanded my knowledge and I would have loved to own such a pretty and colourful book!

Overall, I would highly recommend this book to parents that have young children that are in the early stages of learning the Quran because it’s a useful and handy tool that will help expand your children’s knowledge on the basis of the Surah’s!


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