Today I’m going to be sharing with you my experience with using halal nail polishes, which for those of you who aren’t familiar with what a halal nail polish is – it’s a nail polish that is water permeable. I have been trying to find the perfect halal nail polish and I think I’ve found it! Continue reading this post to hear my thoughts and experiences plus swatches of the polishes!

So guys, I have been on the hunt for a perfect halal nail polish ever since I’d heard that such a thing exists! I’ve tried two of the main brands out there and whilst one disappointed me immensely especially due to the fact it was around 3x the price of a normal good nail polish, the other was actually okay however after trying these 786 polishes, I can hands down confirm that these nail polishes are the best halal ones I’ve tried in terms of quality, colour and longevity!

They company kindly sent me two of their polishes but I promise you that my review is genuine and these are my honest opinions! They sent me two lovely shades, Lagos and Baghdad – both colours that are right up my street and I can see myself wearing a lot. Lagos is gorgeous teal-ish blue/green which is actually one of my favourite colours and Baghdad is a beige nude and it looks so good and sophisticated on! I ran a poll on my Instagram asking my followers which I should wear first and they voted Lagos so that’s what I went with!

I wore Lagos for about 3/4 days and there was hardly any chips in my nails whatsoever which is a huge plus for me because I cannot stand getting chipped nails! I removed the nail polish after a couple of days and then decided to wear Baghdad which I’m obsessed with, I will definitely be wearing this a lot because it’s subtle and I just love the way it looks! I’ve currently got it on now and I’m in love, it’s chipped slightly but not as bad as some other nail polishes I’ve had and honestly the application is so easy, the quality and the texture of the nail polish is great and I literally only need one coat of it! It’s water permeable up to two coats but honestly one coat is fine, I’m super impressed. Also, it dries so quickly which is my favourite thing about these nail polishes because there’s nothing more I hate than waiting for my nails to dry and then thinking they’re dry and accidentally smudging them, can you relate?!

From the first application, I could tell how good quality the polishes were, they weren’t streaky even with just one coat, they looked really good. The colour was vibrant and it looked exactly how it looked in the bottle which sometimes is an issue for me – when nail polishes look lighter or darker in the bottle than they do on my nails but these polishes were true to their bottle colour.

Okay now for the swatches!!



Overall, I am highly impressed with the quality of these nail polishes and I know that I will be making so much use out of them! You can check out their site here! They so many stunning shades and I definitely will be purchasing some myself!!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading this post, please follow my blog for more posts like this and feel free to check out and follow my social media sites to stay up to date with me!











  1. It feels like my nails take forever to dry. I smudge them within half an hour (why aren’t they dry?!) So touch them up with glitter cost or crackle… Or my favourite excuse us: “it’s textured nail polish” – textured because I am impatient lol.

    Of the two, I prefer the Lagos colour xx

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  2. Hi so I actually wanted to ask. I purchased three beautiful nail colours today and I’m very excited, however, I just realised that the issues certifcate says that for the nail polish to be permeable you’re supposed to put a layer of any colour and then a top coat so I’m kind of confused. Is it talking about the gel coat? Or two coats of the colour itself? Either way won’t that be less permeable?


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