Today, I’m going to be sharing with you what I think about some products that were kindly sent to me, all opinions and thoughts are my own thought! Let me know if you’ve ever tried any of these products and enjoy reading this post lovely!! You can check out Blaq here and Generation Clay here.


This product has become integrated into my daily routine, I have been using it day and night for a couple of weeks now, thought I’m not sure about the whitening effect, my teeth pretty much look the same. I have been enjoying using this toothpaste, it has a nice taste to it (compared to the powder which I nearly choked on) and it does leave my teeth feeling super clean and compared to other charcoal toothpastes I’ve used, this is probably my favourite – mainly because of the taste and also because of the way it feels overall. I’m almost half way through and I will definitely be finishing the whole tube so hopefully by the end, I’ll be able to see some colour change in my teeth! I do really like this toothpaste and I would recommend if you’re looking for a charcoal toothpaste!!


Okay, so I overestimated the amount of powder I would actually need the first time I used this and ended up using too much and I choked and coughed black powder everywhere – the moral of the story is a little goes a long way with this product. I’ve used this a couple of times but I do prefer the toothpaste. It has an awful taste so I had to use the toothpaste immediately after to counteract that taste but other than that, it was the first powder I used and I kinda liked it. It turned thick when mixed with water and felt like a toothpaste. I definitely need to use this powder a couple more times to be able to get an exact feel for it and I will keep you updated on that over on my Instagram!


I am a fan of this mask, hands down. I am partial to a good clay mask but having said that, this mask is a great clay mask and it’s something I would buy myself! My sister tried it and it stung her at first application but it didn’t sting me at all and I have extremely sensitive skin so I guess it just depends person to person. It has a pleasant smell and obviously it’s purple duh! It’s main purpose is to brighten but the way my skin felt after I took this mask off was what made me fall in love with this! It felt as soft as a baby’s bottom and it felt squeaky clean. I just love clay masks and I’m so glad I’ve got this to add to my collection. It’s definitely a mask I would wear if I wanted to give my skin a little bit of TLC. They have two other clay masks which I think would be equally as good as this one!


If I had to recommend one product then it would be the clay mask, hands down, I love the way it felt on my skin, the way my skin felt after, I am just a huge fan so that would be something I would recommend if someone asked me. I am obviously a massive skincare addict so I would naturally lean towards to the mask however having said that, I do really like the toothpaste but I don’t really see any whitening effects but maybe I’m just not seeing any changes despite there being some. I’m going to take pictures of my teeth today and then I will take pictures two weeks from now to see if there’s any difference and I will keep you posted! If there’s one product I’m not fully sold on, it’s the powder but I would assume that’s because it’s slightly messy (the powder kind of flies everywhere) and it because it tastes horrid. BLAQ do have a few other products that look really good and I would highly recommend you check them out!

So that’s all for this blogpost, please follow my blog if you haven’t already and feel free to follow me on my social media sites to stay up to date with me! Thank you so much for reading!










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