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Today I’m going to be sharing with you my thoughts on the 100 Days of Happiness Planner! I have been such a huge fan of this brand and I’m so happy to have one of their planners! Let me know if you have one of these planners in the comments down below! I think this planner is simply stunning and I adore it!

Any stationery addict will have heard of The Happiness Planner, I had been such a massive fan for ages. I just love their aesthetics and the concept of the brand. Every picture I saw of one of their planners, made me want it even more. They have a few different designs and I believe the one I have is the basic one so it’s undated and it lasts for 100 days.

You guys know I absolutely LOVE high quality paper and this planner has high quality paper! So that’s a plus for me. I love the case it comes in, it just makes it extra special and I feel like that’s why it would make such an amazing gift. It’s so aesthetically pleasing to look at to be honest. I got this aqua blue colour in the planner and I love it, all the colours are absolutely stunning and I love the gold detailing on the cover. The design is minimal but I would say that is what makes it even prettier and elegant. I will be posting more pictures over on my Instagram, featuring the inside pages of this planner so make sure to follow me if you’d like to see!

The first few pages have quotes and you know I love a good quote page, the page is blue, matching the cover of the planner as is the colour of the writing throughout the planner so I love that consistency. The first 14 pages each have a question that basically ask you what you want to achieve upon completion of this journal, what habits you want to improve, what lessons you want to learn, etc etc. Then there is a little rating box that asks you to rate how you feel and determine a score out of 30. They have a table at the back that allows you to fill in your weekly score for all the weeks so that’ll be interesting to see if the score improves by the end or not.

The next 100 pages are the same; each week starts off with a weekly plan, followed by 7 same pages that allow you to plan your day, state what you’re excited about, your meals, your to-do list, what was good about the day and what you’re grateful for and what you’re hoping for tomorrow. Then each week is followed by a weekly reflection that allows you to work out your score out of 30, it allows you to state your happy moments of the week and also the lows of the week – which I think is really good that it allows you to focus on both the positives and negatives. It also gives you room to write you’d like to improve so I feel this journal is so good for self improvement, if you’re struggling with mental health issues – this journal would be so good for you!

Each page allows you to reflect on the day you’ve had which I feel is very important for people nowadays, just having that time to reflect and look back. The fact that it’s undated is my favourite thing because you don’t have to use it consecutively for 100 days; you can use it whenever you feel like you want to look back on your day and what you did.

I think this journal would make the perfect gift, it’s gorgeous and meaningful and it’s every stationery lovers dream! They have a more in depth and detailed planner which is slightly more expensive but even that looks so nice but this 100 days planner would be a great way to start this journey of self love and care and I highly recommend it!

Thank you so much for reading, let me know what you think of this Planner down below! Please follow my blog and don’t forget to follow me on my social media sites to stay up to date with me.










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