Today I’m bringing to you a very exciting blogpost, I’m going to be doing a ‘first impressions’ kind of style post featuring some products that were kindly sent to me by the Paper Parlour UK. You can check out their website here and trust me, if you are a stationery addict like me then you will be in heaven because they stock the nicest products and brands – some that are hard to find in the UK! I absolutely love their website and they products they sell and I can 100% say, with certainty, that I will be purchasing some items from this website in the future! Thank you SO much for 4,000+ followers, I’ll be doing a Q&A next week so if you have any questions then leave them down below!




Hands down, my favourite item! The designs are stunning, the gold foil on the pages just adds a little something extra to each page and I am SO excited to hang this on my wall above my desk, it’ll complete the whole area! I’m not even a lemon type of person but I appreciate each drawing inside this calendar because they just look so good! The Paper Parlour have a variety of different calendars on their website so if lemons aren’t for you then I’m sure they’ll have something that is! I love the brand Rifle Paper Co but unfortunately it isn’t a brand accessible in the UK so I was so happy that the Paper Parlour stocks their products because every stationery lover would appreciate and adore the items Rifle Paper Co sell!




Probably the prettiest planner I’ve owned and if you know me then you’ll know I’ve owned a lot of planners so that’s saying something! It’s so high quality and the design is actually gorgeous! I love that it has tabs to separate the months, a lot planners don’t have that so it can get annoying trying to find the month you’re on. The other feature of this planner that I absolutely love is the fact that each month has an overview of the month then it has weekly spreads that give enough room for each day, it’s a really structured layout and I truly appreciate that.



I got this sticker sheet booklet, from the brand Paper Poetry which I had never heard of before (shocking, I know right) but I’ve checked out their products and I can officially say that I’m a fan! These stickers are super cute and I know they’ll be so useful to me when I bullet journal! I especially LOVE the pineapple ones, they have a variety of designs and there’s quite a few pages of the stickers so I don’t think I’ll be running out anytime soon!



These two are also by the brand Paper Poetry and the designs of both of them are right up my street, I dig anything with stripes, rose gold, pink or floral and both of these notebooks encompass those patterns so it’s kinda like they were made for me? You all know how much I appreciate good quality paper, and both these notebooks have good quality paper, one is gridded which is amazing for bullet journalling and the other is plain so I’m not sure what I’d do with that but I’m sure I’ll make some use out of it!!



I don’t even like butterflies but I LOVE this card, it’s so prestige, it just looks really posh and good quality and I already know exactly what I’m going to use it for! I’ll be giving this to my personal tutor or maybe my supervisor when I graduate at the end of this year, I think they’d both really appreciate it!


I was also sent a cute print with a handwritten message on it that went straight up on my inspiration board! Thank you so much to the Paper Parlour for sending me all these products, I absolutely adore each and every one of them! Let me know what your favourite item was! Follow my blog for more posts like this and thank you SO much once again for 4,000+ followers! Don’t forget to follow me on my social media sites to stay up to date with me!











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