Today’s blogpost is another in my back to school/uni series and I’m going to be talking about how I attempt to stay organised at uni. I’m not going to lie and say I’m the most organised person ever and that I’m on top of everything all the time but these tips are just things I do and things that work for me so I thought I’d share them with you! I hope this post really helps you whether you’re starting your first year or your last!




I make my own timetable because last year my university switched to an online calendar and I can’t deal with that plus it was so frustrating not being able to see things on a bigger scale because it refined to a day to day basis. I followed a simple template and personalised it to fit all my modules and to make it suited to what I wanted to see. I love to do this because I highlight key lectures that are aimed towards specific exams, I can see what week I have a lab session and it’s SO useful when it comes to making notes and exam season. I can see if I’ve made notes for each and every lecture and I can see if I’ve revised that lecture, I have a mini system where I highlight each lecture once I’ve made notes on it, then I underline it once I’ve been over it and then I eventually cross it once I’ve memorised it – which in all honesty is the day before the exam. I’ll insert a picture of my own timetable but you can make it however you want!



Look at the books recommend for your course and nab them from the library on the first week, trust me it’ll be worth it. Ain’t nobody got £100 to spare for each and every book that is recommended for your course, that’s where the library steps in but be smart, get in there early, preferably on the first week and get those books from the library. My library allows you to renew the books online which is the smart thing to do because come exam time, there will be no chance of you finding the book you need because the library doesn’t have that many copies and everyone will be on it.


I must make study timetables otherwise I get EVEN MORE stressed and I can’t concentrate properly. I usually dedicate different days to different modules because doing more than one on the same day can get confusing and make sure you prioritise the bigger modules otherwise you won’t have enough time to completely go over that module. Study timetables are KEY when it comes to exam time because all the exams are very close to each other and you need to be able to sort out your time efficiently.



Okay, I’ll be honest, I am never going to be one of those people who have made notes for the lecture before the lecture has even been delivered but I try and make sure I have all my notes down for lectures that have been delivered that same day because it’ll be so worth it when exams come around otherwise you’ll get confused and forget what you’ve made notes for and what you haven’t. I could go into a whole paragraph of how I make my notes and how I revise but that’s a whole other blogpost!


So these are my main tips for staying organised at uni, I hope you enjoyed reading this post and please follow my blog for more posts like this one! I also have a back to school giveaway live which you can enter here. Don’t forget to follow me on my social media sites to stay up to date with me!!











  1. This is a wonderful idea. I am not at Uni- I am simply a book blogger but I try not review a book most days and organisation of tours, Edelweiss, NetGalley, and privately supplied copies. I use outlooks calendar to organise (and colour code) all of my official reviews, book release days and general appointments.

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