Today I’m going to be reviewing some stationery that was sent to me and share with you my honest opinion on it! I’ll start off by telling you a little about the brand Chase & Wonder; it’s super cute because it was formed by a couple and they actually design their products themselves and I love brands that are personal. They’ve supplied a few big retailers, including my fave shop..PAPERCHASE so I was super excited to review their products because as we all know, I am a HUGE stationery aficionado and I am always looking for new stationery brands to discover!



These notebooks were the first thing that caught my eye on their website so when I saw that they had sent me these, I was over the moon! They are so stunning and you can just tell that they’re high quality, the paper is so thick and that is something I truly value in a notebook. They’re so nice I don’t even want to write in them but I might consider using them for university because they’re light weight and slim and they won’t take up any room in my bag which is always a bonus! Plus the design is so unique; first of all it reminds me of The Great Gatsby and second of all, I don’t think you can just find notebooks like this in any shop. They just scream high quality to me and I know I’m going to make so much use out of them. They’d make such a nice gift and they would be perfect for back to school!!


My greeting card collection is slowly growing and I just know that these three will come to so much use to me! They’re bright, colourful and I love the designs, especially on this unicorn one; it’s so intricate and I would love to receive a cute card like this, I think it makes for something different. They have a variety of greeting cards on their website and there’s a design for everyone, there’s some quirky illustrated ones, some aesthetically pleasing ones and some with little slogans too!


This pencil case reminds me of the English countryside for no apparent reason but I guess it fits seeing as the brand is based in rural England! I actually really like the print of the alphabet on the pencil case and I’ve seen they do an enamel pin badge card for each initial and I think it would just be the cutest present, to get that and this pencil case because they match! I think that’s what makes this brand great – the fact they have some really unique, high quality products that you won’t be able to find on the high street. I actually love the stripes print on the back of the pencil case, it just looks so nice especially to me because I’m quite partial to a stripe print! To top it off, it also has the logo on the back of the pencil case and that’s something else I love, it just makes the item feel more luxurious to me, people can know where it’s from and it just adds that little something extra to the product.

Overall, I’m highly impressed by the quality of all the items I’ve received and having looked at the website, there are definitely a few more things that I love and would buy myself! I think the price is super reasonable for such great products and some of their stationery is pretty and perfect for back to school! Definitely let me know which product featured on this blogpost was your favourite!


So that is all for this blogpost! I hope you enjoyed reading and please do follow my blog for more posts like this! I’m also currently doing a back to school/uni series on my blog and I have a giveaway live which you can enter here! Hope you all have a lovely day and don’t forget to follow me on my social media sites to stay up to date with me!










    1. Awe thank you so much lovely and I’m planning on doing a whole blogpost about this topic soon so keep an eye out for that because I’ll talk about it in depth! For this particular brand, I was contacted by them!

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