Hey loves!

Today I’m going to be doing an unboxing of the August box from Happy Mail Club, this box is a monthly subscription box; full of little bits and bobs and perfect for stationery lovers (like me). This box retails at £12 including postage and I think that’s pretty good considering the contents of it and I’m sure receiving this box would put a smile on anyone’s face!!



Oh I think I won’t save the best for last, I’m going to start off with my favourite item in this box, as soon as I opened this box, this print caught my eye and I’ve already pinned it to my copper grid on my desk. It’s so pretty and it seems such good quality card, I’m obsessed!! There was also a flamingo printed one and that’s the same, such good quality and so pretty!!


There were two cards in here, a flamingo one and a pineapple one and these will be so cute to just give to someone or you can even hold on to them, they’re so aesthetic and I love how all the colours in the box compliment each other.


Anyone else think enamel pins are just the cutest thing ever? I’m so obsessed with them even though I don’t really have anywhere to pin them on to however I have seen someone pin them onto a cork board on Pinterest which seems like a pretty good idea so I might just do that! I got this cute lil bunch of bananas pin and it’s adorable af.



I quickly realised that Flamingoes were a reoccurring theme in this box and I loved that all the things matched each other, I think that is what gives a subscription box that extra touch. These clips are hella cute and I will definitely be using them and funking up my uni notes and such.


I will admit I am not a massive tea drinker, but surely I can’t be the only one who thinks the packaging of these teas are super cute?! My mum will definitely drink these teas on my behalf since I can’t stand the taste of tea even if rose lemonade and tropical green tea do sound enticing!!


How adorable is this pen, I love the way it looks and it seems like it would write really nicely too however I’m so sad that mine doesn’t work and when I opened it up to investigate, it had leaked so I’m bummed about that but nonetheless I’m sure I would have been obsessed with it if it had worked!


These are just a little something extra, I think they make such a cute addition to the box and I will definitely be using them!! I got three different striped ones in such pretty colours!

If the contents in the box itself weren’t cute enough, the whole box was filled with pretty confetti (which made for some pretty colourful pics) and lil pack of parma violets which again, was a cute touch to the box!


So that’s all for this blogpost loves, I hope you enjoyed reading it as it wasn’t something I’ve done before!! Follow me on my social media sites to stay up to date with me and have you entered my giveaway yet?? Thanks for reading lovelies!!










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