Hey loves!!

Let me start off by saying – HAPPY BLOG ANNIVERSARY TO ME!! I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started this blog, time flies by so quickly. In this post, I just want to talk about the things I’ve learnt from blogging and my opinion on it. A huge thank you to anyone who has ever read a post of mine, liked or commented, it means so much!






I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with a few great brands and I’ve even had a sponsored post! I honestly think it’s about quality, not quantity when it comes to working with brands because I was only a few months and a few posts in when I got my sponsorship and I always see people fewer followers getting brand deals so that is why I think it’s so important to stay on top of your blog, be consistent and post quality posts!! I always say if you put in the effort, it’ll pay off so take decent pictures, plan your posts thoughtfully and make your blog the best it can be.


The community is pretty amazing, I’ve made some great friends, albeit we’re not complete best friends for life, we don’t talk all the time and we don’t know much about each other’s personal life; I know I can always ask them for advice when it comes to my blog. We’re constantly in contact and we’re always supporting each other’s content and that’s pretty amazing.


I think it’s necessary to put yourself out there, make social media accounts for your blog and promote your blog all the time. This helps with engagement and it helps with getting your name out there. Also, ALWAYS reply to your comments, comment on other blogposts, support other bloggers and trust me, it will pay off!!


It takes a while to get your site looking exactly how you want it to and that is fine. Experiment and play around until you find something that looks good. It can be limiting when you’re not paying for your site but make the best of it.


It’s true, brands look at if you’re self hosted and your DA score if you are but it’s not necessary to buy your own domain. I would definitely want to buy my own, I think there’s more advantages to having your own domain but I think I’m doing just fine without it at the moment.


I always thought people that I knew in real life would find it weird and judge me for having a blog and I also thought people would comment and say ‘who is she to say this’ but I’ve realised that people actually fine it cool that I have a blog and they’re surpassingly supportive.


If you’re passionate, it shows so always write about things you enjoy writing about, that way you get to interact with like minded people and it’s great. Never write something just for the sake of it because your blog is a representation of you and that’s why it’s good to make it exactly how you want to and make it so that you’re happy with it. ALSO, this is very important but it is okay to have periods of uncreativity and times when you don’t know what to post and it’s absolutely fine. The only reason I have 27 posts up is because I never post unless I’m happy with what I’m posting, I never post for the sake of it. I go weeks without posting but that is truly acceptable.




27 posts, in hindsight, I would have preferred for this to be a bit higher but that’s definitely something for me to work on.

25,386 page views, this is INSANE, I’m so shocked.

3,632 followers, again this is so shocking and I’m SO thankful.

There have been 131 Countries from all over the world viewing my blog!!

1600+ comments!!


I think I’ve achieved so much in just a year of blogging and I can’t wait to continue with my blog, continue working on it and perfecting it. Thank you so so much for supporting me!! If you’d like to stay up to date with me, you can follow my social media accounts!!













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  2. A bit late to the game but I really enjoyed reading this post, it’s so lovely to read about your growth as a blogger. I’ve just started blogging and this has inspired me to carry on writing about things that I am passionate about so thank you 🙂

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