Hey loves!

Today I’m going to be doing a post that’s like the blogging version of my new resolutions and I’m going to be sharing the goals that I have set for myself regarding my blog for 2018! Here’s to hoping that I stick to them!


Reach 30,000 Blog Views by the End of the Year:

I started my blog this year in June and I’ve already hit over 12,000 views which is crazy so realistically I would hope to reach around 25,000 by the end of 2018 but my goal is 30,000 so hopefully I reach that!

Post Weekly:

I’ve tried and failed to stick to a blogging schedule in the past and I’ve failed badly but this year I plan to post weekly, or at least getting 4 posts out a month, even if it’s not weekly. I’m not going to give myself a schedule to stick to because I know I won’t be able to stick to it and that will be frustrating so I’d rather stick to 4 posts a month, giving me the flexibility to work around it!

Reach 5,000 Followers:

This is probably my most ambitious goal but I aim to get it, nonetheless! I am at around 2,000 followers now and hopefully I gain 3,000 more in 2018!

Change Up My Header:

I’ve never been happy with my logo or my header and I’m not the most skilled at creating them so one of my goals would be to make one that I’m actually happy with!

Increase My Interactivity Across My Social Medias:

This year, I would love to engage more with other bloggers and also support more bloggers as well, across all platforms to increase exposure and potentially make friends with other bloggers!

So those are the goals I have set for myself in terms of blogging for 2018 and I hope I reach them all! Some are realistic and some are ambitious but we shall see how they pan out! This was a short post for me, compared to how long my other blogposts are but I wanted to write this post nonetheless because I think it’d be great for me to look back at when 2018 is coming to an end to see if I met them!


Thank you for reading and please follow my blog for more lifestyle posts! Drop me a follow on my social media sites to stay updated with me!

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 14.20.15

108 thoughts on “MY 2018 BLOGGING GOALS!

  1. Before I start, I just want to say your photographical skills and amazing. Secondly, I do really like this blog post and feel like since I have started to blog, I have somewhere to realise most of my thoughts. Back on track, this blog post was good and good luck (I know you will reach your goals), πŸ™‚

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  2. Engaging with other blogs/bloggers will definitely help you with followers/views. When you comment on someone else’s blog post, otehr bloggers can like it and depending on what your comment says they might be like “Hmmmm interesting let me go see what she/he writes about” Lol. I do it all the time. It gives you a chance to connect with people who aren’t searching for your tags/blog posts.

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  3. Thanks for the helpful info! I am always learning new things about the world of blogging. My blog is all about Italian food and travel. I want to understand the very core of Italian cooking, the fundamentals and how to apply them. I live in California, am of Italian heritage, and will taking my fourth trip to Italy this September so I can continue my studies of the cuisine of southern Italy. A book is in the works! Wishing you a happy new year! I look forward to another wonderful year of blogging!

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    1. oooh, I might need to pick your brains then, if you are about italian food and travel … my debut novel is set in Tuscany!!! I shall definitely follow your blog anyway as it will be full of tips I’m sure …
      This was indeed a great post. I love goals and mine right now is to get off this bloody wordpress and go do some work!!! Lovely to have met you here on RR’s x

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  4. Good luck on your goals in 2018.
    Just added towards your following target.
    I’m still pretty new and sporadic and I relate to not beating yourself up about sticking to a schedule just aim for the goal ❀

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  5. I love your goals for 2018! I’ve been researching what it takes to be a successful, blogger, and all the experts say that posting at least once a week and interacting with other bloggers is the way to go! I love that there’s such a strong blogging community out there that supports each other. It’s like one big, happy, (spastic?) family!

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  6. There’s this website called Canva which is great to design logos and headers and thumbnails and things. I use it for pretty much everything on Stories for Strangers and at work too. It’s free. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it but I learned about it in a journalism class

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    1. I have heard of it, just recently actually. I’ve been using on my Instagram Stories and I’ve been finding it so helpful! Thanks so much for letting me know though xx πŸ’˜


  7. It’s good to have goals – especially if you publish them for all to see (and then, if you’re like me, the potential humiliation of public failure gives you even more motivation to apply yourself to achieving those goals.)
    Be careful not to confuse goals with milestones. A goal is something you have control over (such as changing your header, or increasing your interactivity. A milestone is something you can work toward (and celebrate when it happens), but that you can’t really control (like reaching 5,000 followers, or 30,000 blog views – they’re great to have happen, and you can make them more likely to occur, but ultimately you can’t control it. Of course, I could be totally wrong about those two examples, and maybe you know some magic to ensure them – if so, the HOW of it is beyond me – chalk it up to my own pitiful lack of marketing skills.) Good luck on your goals!

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    1. I hadn’t really thought about it like that but I guess you’re right, I just combined goal and milestone together. I don’t have much control over it but it’s something I do hope to achieve this year, in terms of blogging. Thanks for your comment xx


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