Hey everyone!

Today I’m going to be doing a post that is a reflection of how my 2017 went, kind of like a monthly round-up but in a year format. 2017 was a very good year for me, there were loads of great things that happened and I hope 2018 is an even better year for me!


  • Passing My Driving Test:

The best thing that probably happened to me in 2017 was passing my driving test the first time round, it was really unexpected because I wasn’t a confident driver at all but the day I passed was great and I would definitely class that up there as one of my top moments in life.


  • Going on Holiday:

I went holiday for five weeks and despite it being like 40 degrees, I did enjoy the whole stress free aspect of the holiday and I did have loads of fun, going to new places and exploring, not to mention shopping! Here are just some of the pictures from this lovely holiday!

  • Passing My Exams:

I passed my first year of university yayy, that was a highlight for me because I was pretty stressed towards the latter end of the uni year because of all the exams that were impending.

  • Starting My Blog

I started my blog, of course that’s highlight for me. I didn’t expect to make so many lovely friends through my blog, nor did I expect so many people to read and comment on my posts but I’m so grateful that people do!

  • Getting a Job:

I got a job!! This is a highlight for me as well because it was unexpected and to be honest, I really needed a job to be able to cope with my excessive spending.

  • My 19th Birthday:

I had a really lovely birthday this year and I enjoyed myself very much!


  • My MacBook Air:

Despite the demise of my stunning gold laptop that lasted a year only, I was lucky enough to get a MacBook which has literally been my favourite thing since I got it! I love it, I’m a huge Apple product fan!

  • Q & A a Day – 5 Year Journal:

I’m happy I’ll be able to continue this journal for another 4 years. For the past year, I’ve been dedicating 15 minutes to journalling each day; writing in this journal, my diary or my bullet journal and doing that really allows me to reflect on my day and stay organised for the upcoming days.

  • My Wallet:

I received this wallet for my birthday and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since I got it, I think it’s so pretty and it’s definitely been one of my favourite products this year.

I have a whole bunch of products that I could include in this segment but the post would be way too long so instead I narrowed it down to the few products I love and have used the most this year since I got them!


According to Spotify, these were my most listened to songs and artists. I would agree with  Spotify, that these were definitely my top songs but in addition to these, my top songs were:

  • Unforgettable by French Montana
  • Reggaeton Lento by CNCO & Little Mix
  • Hey Mamma by Sunstroke Project
  • Lolita by The Veronica’s
  • Last Dance by Dua Lipa
  • Hysteria by Katherine McPhee
  • Wolves by Selena Gomez

There were plenty of others that I listened to so much and got sick of as the year went on but I just picked out my few favourites that I know I have listened to a lot this year!


2017 STATS:

I wish I had my stats from the beginning of 2017 but I started my blog and my social media later on in the year and only started monitoring my stats in September so I’ll be reviewing my stats from then, compared to now.


  • As of 5th September: 3512
  • My Goal: 5500
  • As of 31st December: 5,583

I passed the goal I set for myself by quite a few and I’m super happy about that because it’s really hard to gain a following on Instagram because everyone plays the follow then unfollow game!



  • As of 5th September: 1233
  • My Goal: 2500
  • As of 31st December: 2617

So I just surpassed my goal which is kind of surprising because Twitter is one platform where I don’t really get much following so I am quite happy that I passed the goal I set for myself!


  • As of 5th September: 759
  • My Goal: 2000
  • As of 31st December: 1973

I’m sad not to round the year off on 2000 as I would have liked but I’m so so happy and grateful to have as much followers as I do, that read and support my blog so thank you so much!


I had a great year which I’m so thankful for and I just hope 2018 is just as good, if not better. This year has definitely been the year of copper, marble and stationery for me since that is mainly what I bought. I finally started a studygram which I had been wanting to start for ages! I did a lot of things throughout the year, created lovely memories and I can’t wait for 2018! I hope you have a wonderful New Year period and 2018 is great for us all!

Follow my blog for more posts like this and to stay updated with me, follow me on my social media sites! Thank you for reading!!

My upcoming posts:

  • Blogging goals for 2018!
  • Collective Haul!
  • Beginner Blogger – Must have apps for bloggers!
  • Top Two Tuesday

These are some pictures I’ve loved taking for my blogposts this year!!


26 thoughts on “2017 YEARLY ROUND-UP!

  1. I love reading all your posts! This one has to be my favourite. It looks like you had a wonderful 2017! Wishing you a happy new year (2018) and I hope that will be even better for you iA 💖

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have really enjoyed your blog posts since following you. I wish you blogged more often though 😉 happy 2018 and I look forward to your future blog posts xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, I’m currently in my second year and I’m finding it super stressful! I hope everything goes well for you!
      Beginner Blogger is series I’ve started on my blog to help out other bloggers that are just starting off by giving them advice, tips and tricks that I’ve learnt by having a blog!


  3. I am so happy for you passing your driving test!!! I have yet to pass sadly. I have my temporary license, and my passengers literally scream in terror at some points while I’m driving, and not just sometimes, but regularly. It’s an absolutely maddening process

    Liked by 1 person

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