Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share with you some gift ideas that you could use as inspiration whilst shopping for Christmas gifts! These are all things I would personally buy for myself or someone else and I think they are unique which makes them a little more special.

These are my top picks from a company called Uncommon Goods and there are many reasons I think this company is amazing. First of all, the company is cruelty free, they do not sell leather, feather or fur. In addition to this, most products are handmade from individual artists to small manufacturers; I think handmade products add a touch of personality to the item and make it that much more special than it already is. The company is really big on organic and recycled products, in fact their catalogues are printed on recycled paper or paper from FSC certified forests which is a great incentive.


In my previous post I talked about My Journal Collection and I had a few comments asking me where I purchased some of them from as they would make great Christmas gifts which is so true! There are so many different styles of journals available but they all have that sentiment value and they’re precious. One of my favourite journals that I own is the Letters To My Future Self because it’s something that I’ll hold on to forever and it’ll always remind me of the past – (you can read more about this journal in my previous blogpost). Uncommon Goods have a big variety of journals, perfect for men and women and I want most of them, not going to lie.


Another thing that I think would be a nice gift for someone would be this Bathroom Guestbook which I have seen a couple of YouTubers feature in their vlogs and I think it’s so cool to monitor who has used your bathroom, as weird as that sounds, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one!

My next top pick that I think would be a great gift for anyone makes me ask myself – who would not want this? If someone you know loves baking and is always in the kitchen then you need to get them this. I don’t even bake but I want these Stackable Mason Jar Measuring Cups, purely because they’re something that will most definitely be put to use and they look stunning as well, I’m sure most avid bakers would appreciate receiving a gift like this. You can find a huge selection of different, unique Christmas gift ideas by clicking here.


There is one product that stands out to me from the whole website and that is a Bedside Smartphone Vase,  can we talk about how gorgeous this looks but how practical it is at the same time? This is hand-made by a married couple, Myles and Heather Geyman, out of glazed stoneware and they are passionate about designing functional yet beautiful objects which is what I think they have done! You can purchase this in a mint green or white colour and both those colours are fresh and go with practically anything. I actually want this myself! This is under £25 and I think most people would be super happy with receiving a gift like this as it is something that they will use everyday and the best thing is its minimalistic look which would look great in any space!

Another thing I think is the first thing that comes to mind whilst buying Christmas gifts for women is candles. Candles are a must and I’m pretty sure 99% of women love and appreciate candles. These Soothe the Soul Yogi Candles aren’t just simply for decor, they actually have a wonderful story behind them which is why I would really consider buying one for someone. The maker, Amina Ahmad discovered the toxic effects candles can have on the environment so she decided to make her own and she did! She uses recycled paper braided wicks and the candles are scented with essential oils so I can already imagine how soothing the scents will be! Click here to see more gift ideas for women here including the items that I’ve chosen!


When I think of my mum, I always imagine her with a cup of tea in her hand, I feel like that is such a motherly thing because it’s warm and comforting! If I was to buy my mother a gift, I would definitely buy her this because of all the tea she drinks, it’s the Anchor Charm Tea Infuser. It’s such a handy thing to buy for your mother especially if your mum drinks as much tea as mine does because she will definitely make use out of it! This is made by Sara Coon-Thompson who was inspired to create this whilst reading a book and enjoying a cup of tea. She is into hand crafting items and she always makes her family members a handmade gift each year which is so cute, I think!

Another thing that I think would be a great gift for a mother would be this Best Ever Desk Sign which reads ‘THE BEST MOM IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD’ and which mother wouldn’t appreciate that? It would look nice on her desk or her dresser and it’s a constant reminder that she’s appreciated and I think it’s adorable and thoughtful. It’s super retro and unique because it’s not a typical gift that your mother would expect to receive! Click here to see more gift ideas for mothers including the items I’ve picked out!

Thank you for reading! I hope you liked out my top picks from Uncommon Goods, let me know if you did! I hope this post helped give you some inspiration in terms of buying unique gifts for someone special this year! Please follow my blog for more posts like this and also follow my social media sites to stay updated with me! Thank you once again for reading and I hope you have a great day!

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  1. I love your gift guide and previous journal review! The vase smartphone stand is so elegant and pretty. The infuser is also a nice idea. Have you heard of blooming/flowering tea? It’s also really pretty, it would also make a lovely gift for women.

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