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I did a poll on my Twitter, asking you what post you’d like to see and even though it was a very close end result, 51% of people wanted to see my Journal Collection so here it is! I love all kinds of journal because I’m a very sentimental person and things that allow me to keep a record of memories are perfect. I also feel like the journals I’m mentioning today would be great gift ideas!

Q & A a Day – 5 Year Journal

This is a journal that I have actually mentioned before on my blog, in my Top Two Tuesday blogpost, I had wanted this journal for the longest time and when I finally got it, it did not disappoint! I answer a question each day and the questions are sometimes fun but other times, they can be thought provoking and I think it’d be so nice to see how my answers have changed for all the questions throughout the five years of having the journal. This is available here for under £10!

One Thought a Day – 5 Year Journal

Similar to the previous journal, this is also a 5 year journal but this one is just blank, leaving a few lines for me to write a thought a day. Again, I think this will be so sentimental, looking back on the thoughts I’ve had in the previous years. I purchased this from Wilkinson’s at the start of the year but it is still available to purchase now! You can get this here for only £2.50!

The Thankful Diary

I also purchased this from Wilkinson’s at the start of the year but I haven’t officially started using this yet, I’ll save it for the new year! You can purchase this here for the amazing price of £2! This journal basically gives you the option to list things that you’re grateful for which I think is a great incentive as it lets you write down the things you’re happy and thankful for.

Letters To My Future Self

I actually love this journal because I can’t wait to open the letters that I have wrote to my future self. I love the way this journal is set out, it comes complete with envelopes that you can enclose your letter in and it gives you option to write the date of when you want to open it and I know for a fact, any stationery/journal lover would certainly love this! You can purchase this here for around £11!

Wreck This Journal

I actually got this as a birthday present a couple of years ago but I was just too hesitant to destroy it even though that’s the point of the journal, I could never bring myself to do it! Also looking at other peoples Wreck This Journal flip-throughs on YouTube made me want to make mine all artsy but the only drawback was that I am not creative in the artistic sense whatsoever. However, this summer I rediscovered my Wreck This Journal and I’m slowly but surely making my way through it. You can buy this here for £6.99 ! I love all the inventive yet slightly crazy pages there are in this book, which can be interpreted in a different way by each individual and that’s the best thing about this.


My Future Listography

I have no idea where I saw this, it was probably pinterest, but as soon as I saw it, I knew I needed it in my life. I went on a hunt to find it and at the time, the only places I could find it on was eBay and Amazon however they were all second hand so I was hesitant to buy them but then I saw a reputable company selling this for £1.99 on Amazon and after reading the product description, I was satisfied that it would be in a good condition and it was! Talk about the best bargain ever! It literally seems brand new and I’m so happy I got it! You can look at all the sellers that are selling this journal in a good condition here! Or you can purchase this brand new here! I love making lists and this is such an amazing journal, I love the way it looks and feels and I’m super happy I got it! It basically allows you to make lists for different things, each page has a different title to make a list for as you can see from the pictures I will insert!

Inspirations – A Book To Make Your Own

This was actually a gift and I’m yet to use this because I’m not sure what to use it for plus it’s so beautiful and inspirational that I’m okay not writing in it! It’s basically a book comprised of lovely pictures and motivational quotes with a load of blank pages within, allowing you to write whatever you’d like inside! You can purchase this here if you’re interested!

And that is all…for now – I probably will end up adding to my journal collection over time because I cannot resist a good journal. Thank you so much for reading and let me know if you think there’s a journal out there that I would really like! Follow my blog for more posts like this and also stay updated with me on my social media sites!

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49 thoughts on “MY JOURNAL COLLECTION!

  1. I’m so obsessed with journals and planners! Only problem is actually never end up using them to their full potential… Either way, I love the Letters To My Future Self and The Thankful Diary journals and may be adding them to my Amazon wishlist!

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    1. I never used to use my journals because I used to think I’d ruin them but now I’ve integrated journaling into my routine, I always give myself 15 minutes to write in my journals and I find that it’s become a habit!

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  2. I have just put most of these journals in my wish list on Amazon!! What about day-to-day diaries? Do you have any recommendations for those? I’m struggling to find the perfect one!

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    1. I have recently purchased an organiser which is featured in my stationery haul and I absolutely love it, it’s so efficient but I’ve also taken up bullet journaling recently and that’s great because you can personalise the journal to exactly how you like!

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  3. My favorite is The Thankful Dairy, gratitude is the best therapy!!!!! But I’ve always wanted to do a Wreck This Journal, like you said it is so individual and artsy! I haven’t done one since my Judy Moody-style WTJ back in elementary school 🙂 Such a fun blog

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  4. I really liked this post – I wish I had as many journals as you! I also got the Wreck This Journal as a birthday present sometime ago, and I haven`t used it yet because I can`t bring myself to, haha! Nice to know someone feels the same way about books. 😀

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  5. I had that same Q&A A Day journal! I saved it to start on New Years day and then (predictably) forgot all about it. Although I buy tons of journals and notebooks all the time, the ones I actually end up writing in most meaningfully are the plain covered spiral-bound ones that come in bulk around back-to-school time 🙂

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  6. I love that you have journals for different things! I’ve seen some of these in the store before but always went for the blank journals because I didn’t think I’d like the others. This post seriously has me reconsidering that, I think it could be fun to have a little writing task each day! Thanks for sharing your collection!

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  7. These are great. I don’t have any journals, but my sister has a wreck this journal and I’ve always been interested. I love the idea of the 5 year journals you mentioned at the top. I’m definitely going to have a look at that. Thanks for sharing xx

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  8. I am sooo in love with your journals omg! I use to collect journals from paperchase but they are so expensive 😩 I don’t have a wilkinsons near me but I really want to purchase those journals they are just 😍 Thank you for sharing ❤

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  9. I love the idea of journals and always have great intentions of putting my thoughts down on paper. But . . . actual journals intimidate me. I fear messing them up or something. Maybe that’s why I started blogging. Eventually your writing disappears beyond the bottom of the screen and you forget to agonize over it a year later. On the other hand, if you goof, the whole world knows it. Hmmm. Maybe I should rethink my phobias. I’m glad that you’re brave enough to actually use them.

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    1. Awe hopefully one day you’ll overcome your fear and start using journals, there’s so many different kinds out there, maybe you just haven’t found your perfect one 💖


  10. Love the Thankful Diary and Letters to Future Self. I think it’s so easy for us to forget the little daily things that we should be thankful about. It’d be a great way to reflect and look back on, esp. on days when our spirits are low.

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  11. I’m always procrastinating about getting myself a journal to start writing, and since I do it on my computer I often find it a hassle. Having one of these beauties would definitely be a great jolt to note down my thoughts. I especially love the letters to my future self and the thankful diary… Looking back at my growth and hopes and reminding myself to stay positive are my new favorite things to do. Great read Rabia.

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  12. This is interesting, because I always feel the appeal of nice paper, interesting journals, well made stationery. The real trick, which you manage to do, is WRITE something in them. Admirable. Thanks for visiting Under Western Skies.

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