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It’s been a hot minute since I’ve last wrote a blogpost but I’ve been on holiday and then I was just getting back into the swing of things, however I am back and I am planning to hopefully stick to a blogging schedule that I’ve made! I’m going to kick off my comeback with a stationery haul because in two weeks, I am going back to university for my second year which I am super excited for! I am a self proclaimed stationery addict so this haul may be quite long and I hope you enjoy it!



My biggest essential for uni is this notebook, I used it last year and it is just the perfect size and I am sucker for notebooks with dividers in them. The dividers make it easy to locate and separate different modules, the lines are narrow which I love because it makes my handwriting look so neat for some reason and I used this to write up my notes in neat and to revise from. This was from Paperchase and it was £6.00!

That was probably the most expensive thing I got because I found such bargains in Poundworld and Poundland which I’m so excited to show you!


From Poundland, I got these glass copper jars, one with binder clips and the other with paperclips. Okay so can we have a moment for these because I saw exactly these in Paperchase last year for something like £8 so to get these for £1 each was ridiculous. They also had one with push pins which I didn’t get.

The next thing I picked up was this calendar clipboard and let us talk about how gorgeous it is!! I had seen this in so many hauls and I knew I had to get it. It is for 2018 but it still looks so nice on my desk and the clipboard will come in handy once the year is over. Also I love that each month has these cute quotes at the bottom of the card.

I was so disappointed to see that most of this range at Poundland had sold out because there was a few other things I had my eye on. After going to two Poundland’s, I spotted this sticky note set which I absolutely love but like I said, I did want some other things from this range however I’m so happy I got this.

To keep up with the excessive amount of pens that I buy, one thing I had on my shopping list was a pen pot and I just could not find one anywhere, well one that I liked. So I saw this toothbrush holder in Poundland and I was like, ‘that would be perfect as a pen pot’ so lo and behold, I bought it and it looks amazing as a pen pot, no one would ever know its actual purpose.


I think we all need a moment to appreciate the beauty of Poundworld’s stationery range, you would never ever think that it’s for a pound but lucky us because it is!

So the first thing that I saw and needed was this A4 pink geometric notebook that says ‘extremely busy’ on it, I just loved the pink and the gold together and the geometric print is everything. I then saw that they had the same design in A5 size which is perfect for me to take to uni and make notes in, it fits perfectly in my bag, doesn’t take up too much space and looks gorgeous too! What is even more of a bargain is that they had two in a pack!

I then saw they had a marble range and oh my gosh, I love everything marble, I’m basic I know, don’t sue me and I felt I had to get everything BUT I restrained myself and thought logically and I only bought two things from the range because they were two things I would actually use. I got the two pack of A5 marble notebooks just because I prefer smaller notebooks to larger ones. I also got the marble lever arch file and I literally cannot fathom that it was only a pound since it’s such good quality.


Wilko’s is definitely up there with one of my favourite shops because they have such reasonably priced homeware and stationery. They always bring out such cute stationery ranges and there were a load of notebooks that I fell in love with but I had to restrain myself, once again because what am I going to do with this many notebooks. I also had seen these gorgeous slogan pencils online but sadly they weren’t in store.

What I did pick up from Wilkinson’s was these Stabilo Fineliners in a pack of 10, which usually retail for around £5 but they were half price for £2.50 and that was a bargain I could not resist.

I also purchased this punched pocked wallet to go in my folder for 75p, I believe and this is so useful for those spare bits of paper I always have flying around in my bag.


I popped into Home Bargains and I ended up picking up a few things, I definitely would have ended up picking up a few more bits but I was in a hurry so I just had a quick browse and picked up these two items.

I have been on the look out for a planner and I didn’t want to pay too much because it’s constantly getting moved and I’m constantly writing in it and I feel if I got an expensive one, I’d be too scared of ruining it that I wouldn’t use it. I was so tempted to get the Ohh Deer x Urban Outfitters Marble Journal but again, the power of self control helped me through the temptation. I saw this in Home Bargains for only £1.09 and I had to get it, it’s literally perfect, I love the size and the dividers – as I did mention, I am a sucker for dividers! It also has little clear wallets to store paper in and ugh I love it.

I also picked up these Bic pens for £1.50 and they’re just great to write my notes in, Bic pens always make my handwriting look neat and I love using coloured pens for my notes so these were perfect.


That was all I picked up in the recent weeks however, I’m just going to show you some bits that I purchased a few months back that are still available to purchase and that I will be using this year too.


Okay, the Lexi Collection at WHSmith has to be one of my favourite collections, hands down. I love the patterns and the colours of the collection and there’s so many things I want from this collection.

I bought this rollbound ring binder from the Lexi Collection for around the £3 mark and I AM IN LOVE. I love the stripes, the colours, the way it’s neon yellow from the inside and the band that’s also neon yellow and above all, it’s a rollbound folder and those are my favourites.

I also got these document wallets and these are amazing to store work in because they hardly take up any space in my bag and they’re so pretty! Also a big bonus is that they have dividers within the actual wallet which is great to separate work. They come in a pack of three and I think these were also around the £3 mark.


I picked up this document wallet which is so gorgeous and again it’s so easy to store work in, it doesn’t weigh as much as a ring binder and it’s super cute. It was less than a pound and Wilko’s have so many document wallets in different designs.



Is it just me who likes to do rough notes in lecture and then copy them up neatly later on? That’s why I buy cheap notebooks to do my rough work in so I don’t have to worry about ruining the book. This is from Poundworld and it’s super pretty and I take this to uni to jot down any rough notes.



Oh my gosh, I need a minute, so Sainsbury’s has the most beautiful stationery out at the minute but when I went to my local store, they had absolutely nothing which made me very very sad because there was quite a few things that I had my eye on. However, a few months ago, I picked up this floral exercise book for £1.50 because I thought it would be the perfect book to take to lab class however I haven’t gotten around to using it yet and although you can’t purchase this exact one, Sainsbury’s have quite a few designs for this style of book.



My favourite (yet slightly overpriced) store in the world! I love Paperchase, I always have to go in and have a look around and test my willpower because I always want to buy something. In the past few months, I picked up these fineliners which are amazing quality and they write so smoothly and I would highly recommend getting them, they are only £4! The next thing I got is this journal, now Paperchase do the cutest journals, they’re always coming out with new designs and I have two in my collection already. The pink one is the latest one I bought which was £12 and it is truly breathtaking. My friends bought me the other one which was £10 and it is stunning.


Primark is upping their game recently and I love their stationery ranges however my local Primark doesn’t have that much of a selection but I picked up this notebook which I am using to plan blogposts in, what I love most about this is the wallet at the back which is so handy, also the cream pages are such good quality and I love notebooks that have a band around the book. I really wanted the marble pencils but they didn’t have them sadly and I’m still debating on whether to get the marble pencil case or not. I really prefer the New Look marble pencil case but I went to two stores and they both didn’t have any.

So this marks the end of my haul, please leave a comment if you liked this type of blogpost!

If you actually read all the way to the bottom then thank you so much and you the realest! I love you and thank you once again for reading! 💖

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  1. I’ve been obsessed with the dotted Moleskins lately, but your post is making me quite envious of some color. I’ve recently started to implement my own journal/planner style that is a mesh between a bullet journal and the Best Self Co brand goal book. It has been absolutely life changing. Thank you so much for sharing your insights and tips.

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